FO: Eden

My absolute favorite color is green. The perfect green is a true Kelly green, a perfect medium tone of green in all her glory. But honestly, I love green in every shade. So when I was struck by a skein of MJ Yarns in the colorway peacock a few weeks ago I knew it would pair perfectly with a skein of studio worsted from Neighborhood Fiber Co in the colorway Clintonville. And I was right. And I used both these amazing green yarns to make myself a sweater I’m naming Eden, because doesn’t it look like a lush garden in paradise?
Eden sweater
Here’s what I have loved lately in finished garments and helped shape what Eden would become, the drape and lightness of dk or light worsted weight yarns knit on larger needles. Once I knit Cracked Pepper I was kind of hooked. So when I pulled out my gorgeous green skeins I decided that I would knit on size 10 needles and make a sweater again without a pattern because I why not? For this sweater I wanted:

  • Neckline: I didn’t want a v neck but I didn’t want a crew neck either. I went with a circular yoke sweater again (I love the construction) and started by casting on 96 stitches to give myself a wider neckline. I figured if it was too big I’d tighten it up with a garter stitch border but I loved how the rolled neckline turned out.
  • Body: I figured since it’s winter I didn’t want a really fitted sweater, so I did a gradual a-line shape so that it pulled away from the body. It can easily hide my Thanksgiving meal belly. Priorities, folks.

Eden sweater

  • Sleeves: So I’ve learned that knitted sweaters are super warm but I don’t always want to be that cozy. My preferred length is elbow or three quarter length sleeves. This is just beyond my elbow so if I do wear this to a holiday party I won’t feel like I’m overwhelmingly hot from my sweater.
  • Length: I ended up calling the yarn shop and buying the last skein of the Peacock yarn so that I had 3 skeins (215 yards) of it so that I could make this a longer piece and not worry if I had enough for my sleeves. I have a little yarn from both skeins left (the solid was a 400 yard skein) but this would’ve been much shorter if I hadn’t picked up the extra skein. Thanks to my work knitting buddy Lavon for pushing me to pick up that last skein.

Eden sweater
I didn’t think I would like the rolled neckline but once I blocked it and put it on I decided I didn’t want to mess with it. It’s clean and simple. I went with a simple circular yoke doing KFB increases that are pretty seamless and blend in with the yarn. I have contemplated embellishing the top half just a little with some green flat back stones. If I do I’ll post about it but right now I love it in its simplicity.
Eden sweater
This was also my first time trying MJ Yarns and I love how nicely it worked up. I hope it wears just as nicely. I’m itching to wear this one so hopefully I will wear it to work next week. I’m thoroughly enjoying all of the sweater weather we’re having and wish it would stay cool and breezy like this for the next 3 months and we just skip winter entirely.
Eden sweater
So I’ve got another sweater on my needles that I’ve already separated from sleeves that I hope I can get down to the sleeves by Monday (fingers crossed) and then November will mark the beginning of my holiday knits for family!! So what are you working on this weekend?

24 Replies to “FO: Eden”

  1. I don’t know which is more beautiful – this sweater or YOU?! Wonderful pictures!! I think this may be my favorite thing you’ve ever knit. šŸ™‚

    1. Aww you’re too sweet. I still think my Rainbow Madigan is still my favorite, it just makes me happy. And I’m wearing my colorblocked boyfriend cardigan with the crazy bright pink today and I kind of love that one too. I don’t know if I have a favorite right now.

  2. OMG!!! It looks awesome! The top half definitely reminds me of a tropical rainforest, kind of like the one in that kids movie “Ferngully”, with lots of fairies and little forest creatures! It turned out very well!

  3. what an awesome sweater!!! love the colors..looks really nice on you too


  4. These yarns are so fun. I love their vibrancy. Yay on another knitted garment in one’s closet!

  5. I love this. Are you going to be taking part in the NaNoSweMo this year? I’m working on a triangle shawl in Caron Cakes buttercream colourway. You should check it out if you haven’t already. The lemon lime colourway might be just up your alley šŸ˜„ Hope you have an enjoyable weekend

  6. The sweater is beautiful. I love the green!
    I have been following your blog since The Maryland Sheep and Wool posting on Miss Celie’s Pants. I am amazed at how fast you knit! What knitting style do you use?
    I am currently working on a baby chevron blanket in navy, gray and olive.

    1. So I knit English style, nothing special. Someone just sent me a video about Portuguese knitting because the purling looks faster and I hate purling.

      And I love that color combo for your blanket.

  7. NaKniSweMo Is national knit a sweater month. The rules are simple. To knit a sweater that has 50,000 stitches during the month of November. I sent you an invite to the ravelry group on Instagram. I am going to attempt this year. I’m not a fast knitter so it will be a challenge

  8. I know I’ve said it before, but the pace at which you finish sweaters is mind-blowing. I suppose if my current sweater wasn’t on size 3 needles, I’d be in better shape, but I’m plugging along. Cast on a cowl with some Lichen & Lace worsted I picked up last week as my TV/mindless knit and have a Kate Davies pattern in the queue; however, like you, I’m also wondering about holiday knits…think about all the knitting we could get done if we didn’t have jobs!

  9. I love the mods you’ve made and how you made this sweater fit all the needs you have. Soon you’ll be teaching sweater making classes … if you haven’t started already. Love Eden and you wear it well.

    This weekend I’ve started to make some hats for donation to a homeless shelter. My goal is 12 this month … I have to stay focused to finish on time.

    1. That’s awesome about the donation hats! I want to volunteer to teach knitting at one of the hospitals. When my Dad was sick I saw signs for Project Knitwell all over šŸ™‚

  10. This sweater is gorgeous! I know I went on a break for a while… It’s lovely to see how busy you’ve been.

  11. What a BEAUTIFUL green sweater! The neckline is STUNNING. Not to mention the colors… šŸ’š

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