FO: Nothing but Blue Skies

First, may I say thank you? Thanks for all the positive vibes for my goddaughter, she is already home and recovering nicely. And another thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes for taking the GRE the other week. I took the GRE and the GMAT (did great on the GRE and horribly – as I expected I would – on the GMAT) and now that they’re behind me and my applications are in motion I feel like a weight has been lifted. I just needed to get over that hurdle so I could resume my normal life and I’ve even gotten my knitting mojo back – hallelujah!
Up in the clouds sweater
When I knit Jessica her Agnes sweater I knew I’d make one for myself and I have a great Kelly green superwash wool to use but it’s not cold enough for that, so I whipped up the Agnes sweater for myself in Berroro Comfort Chunky to wear now. I’ve used Comfort yarn before for a top for Maddie and in a summer cardigan for myself and I liked how soft it was and how well it washed up, so I decided it would make a nice light weight yarn for a sweater for fall and it’s the perfect weight for this time of year. It’s a 50/50 nylon and acrylic blend and it was great to work with.
Up in the clouds sweater
This is a great bulky weight pattern that works up quickly. You may want to add some length to the body if you don’t like your sweaters to hit you right at the top of your waist, I actually had 2 skeins leftover and could’ve added more length if I realized I was going to have leftover yarn but I also like the shorter length on my frame. I tend to wear a lot of high waisted skirts so this cut is perfect for me.
Agnes in blue
My favorite details are the pockets and I used the leftover yellow from Maddie’s top to make my pockets but they aren’t as deep as I’d like them to be so I may snip them at the bottom and add a bit more depth to them. It’s a pretty quick fix. I also love this color, which isn’t a normal pick for me. I love jewel tones and rich bold colors over pastels. This light blue is called Chambray so it’s kind of like a neutral denim shade and I’m going to see how much I can work it into my wardrobe. I wore the sweater to work yesterday with a camel colored wool pencil skirt and navy tights and ankle boots and I loved the combination. What is becoming the norm is Jellybean wanting me to hold her when I take pictures.
Up in the clouds sweater
Awww Bean, you’re too cute to resist. She is such a stinkin’ cuddle bug and so tiny that we end up carrying her a lot. Thankfully Cher doesn’t seem too jealous and she always liked to have a little space so I’ve made sure all the beds all over the house have cozy blankets for whenever she sneaks away to take a nap.

So you will probably see this sweater again in December when I want something warm and green for the holidays. Do you have patterns you love to knit over and over again? Do share!

11 Replies to “FO: Nothing but Blue Skies”

  1. Cuuuute!! I’m a sucker for pockets, and that yellow gold lining is fabulous! I love it!! I also love your shoes! Big, big congratulations on doing well on the GRE and having it behind you, and thank you for updating us on your little goddaughter too!! Will keep sending the healing vibes her way! ❤

    1. Thanks to everything! And the shoes are Dansko, they’re like a clog/ankle boot hybrid. They are so comfy and super cute. I live in them all winter long.

      1. Ohhhhh, even better!!! I just happen to know my size in about every version of Danskos ever made. Lol! Going to look these up.

  2. o yeah, that yellow is awesome! It turned out VERY well! 🙂

  3. Love this sweater. The colour is divine and the pop of the pocket is gorgeous. I have to say that I prefer your version to the original!

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