FO: A Hoodie for Paige

Whenever someone is sick, hurt, upset I show my love by cooking or knitting. When we found out our goddaughter Paige was going to have surgery and it’s going to leave her with a wound on her head and I decided I needed to knit her something (I also cooked her family food so they didn’t have to think about doing anything when they got home). I wanted to make something she could wear to keep away the fall chill butI didn’t want to knit hats because of bandages or an open wound so I decided that only a hoodie would do. After reading lots of pattern notes and reviews I decided on the R & R Hoodie.
Paige's hoodie
Everyone who knits this hoodie for children says it stays up and that’s what I wanted. The added bonus was that this pattern comes in sizing from baby to adult, so if I want to make one for myself later on I can! For the hoodie for Paige I decided on a pretty magenta of the Caron Simply Soft in my stash and a little bit of a warm burnt orange to a pop with the i-cord trim and I used an 11 inch cream colored separating zipper. If I’m knitting for kids there has to be color.
Paige's hoodie
It’s a bottom up construction (never my favorite because I feel like attaching sleeves is awkward) and I wanted to push myself by adding in a zipper. A zipper looks intimidating but it actually isn’t at all. I read Knitted Bliss’s post about her finished R & R Hoodie with adorable bear ears and that lead me to a great tutorial on adding in the zipper from Tanis Fiber Arts. This is one of the many reasons I love the knitting community, we like to share and teach so everyone grows. It’s the absolute best. I feel like I have a village of people helping me get better at my knitting.
Paige's hoodie
I was super happy about the finished project. I mean look at those little pockets! What is she going to put in them? A pacifier? Maybe a little teething biscuit? LOL Either way it’s adorable. I didn’t try the sweater on Paige when I visited over the weekend to see how it fits. I’m hoping it fits with some room to grow (I knit the 6-12 months size) and I’m hoping the zipper makes life a bit easier on her mama and the hood keeps her warm without sticking to her wound. I definitely love the construction of this and how the finished project looks. If you look through all the project pages on Ravelry you’ll see so many different colors and variations on the pockets and contrasting i-cords and zippers. It makes me want to make one for myself…eventually. Right now I’m just plugging along with everything else I want to make this fall.

So have any of you made this hoodie? If so, share your project page in the comments I’d love to see what combination you’ve come up with! 

17 Replies to “FO: A Hoodie for Paige”

  1. I love your colour combination. So intense and happy. I hope it will help the little girl with feeling better.
    I knit one R&R hoodie so far, in Lucky Penny, so it looks just the same as Tanis’ original hoodie. ( I also ordered new yarn for a second bigger hoodie for my neighbours son, I’ll use the colour Tartan for it. I might try to add a few more details this time in another colour but I have to dive into my stash first to see what I can find. Eventually I’d love to knit one for myself, because I just love zipped hoodies 😉

    1. I have yet to buy Tanis’s yarn but I am OBSESSED with the Tartan colorway. I will love to see you finished object in that color. I also love the coordinating zebra toy!! AHH too cute.

  2. This is wonderful!! It sounds like it will be perfect for your little Paige. I’ll be sending good thoughts that surgery and healing go well. ❤
    P.S. I'm super impressed with the zipper!

    1. I was so scared by the zipper and in the end it really wasn’t that bad! Now I want to put zippers in everything. HA!

  3. What a darling hoodie! Love and prayers for little Paige and her family. I was surprised by my first zipper, too. Much easier in knitwear than in sewn clothes.

  4. What a lovely gift — and such cheery colors! Sending best wishes to Paige and her family. And thanks to you for the great suggestions. I have a separating zipper that I’ve been meaning to put into a kiddie sweater for…. oh, let’s just say a Very Long Time. Now I may actually get up the courage to put it into the grandson’s next sweater.

    1. Paige is doing wonderfully! She was quick to recover and stayed her happy smiley self despite everything. Thank goodness!

  5. Somehow I missed this post when it first went out but I’m curious how did it fit Paige? there was no pic of her IN it on your Rvlry project page???

    1. I just got a picture of her in it yesterday and it fits her perfectly. The hood comes down just a little too much but she’ll grow into that.

  6. Dana, I didn’t see this post till now cause you know where I was during that time but I know your graciousness, darling knitting talents and your visit to us with Kendell was greatly appreciated!!!! Now that the months have passed and Paigey is well and beautiful it is just a joy to see you both for happy occasions❤️ Bless you darling girl😘 Karen

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