A Little Knitting & Lots of Vacationing

Sorry for the silence this week, I went on vacation!
Thursday we met up with our friends who we seem to vacation with every year now in New Orleans. It was their first time and our bajillionth time and we had a blast. I was talking to my Mom about the trip last night and she said, “when have we ever had a bad time in New Orleans?” And she’s right, it’s just a great city. The food is fantastic, the city is full of life and color and they have beignets.
Even with intermittent rain it was a great trip and a perfect break that we needed. We also tried something we haven’t had in all our trips to New Orleans a Hansen’s Sno-bliz. It’s a snoball taken to another level.
I had their special of the day, a snoball with lemon cream syrup, a dollop of lemon curd and roasted marshmallow on top. They won me over with one spoonful. We walked all over the city and we needed to in order to burn off everything we ate! I didn’t take a lot of pictures and that’s really a sign of how much I was just enjoying myself being with friends. And whenever I see my girlfriend Salina we exchange crafty gifts. She sews like I knit so I knit her a hat (more on that later) and she made collars for the dogs!
Hand sewn collars from Salina
The flowers and boys are detachable as well. Um…now I have to knit them sweaters to coordinate with their collars! Can’t you just seem them in hot pink sweaters?!
Hand sewn collars from Salina
I feel like Jellybean is giving you that look. She’s made to model. And this collar deserves a neon coral sweater for fall.
Hand sewn collars from Salina
I told Salina we’d have an awesome Etsy shop offering collars and coordinating sweaters. If only we could afford to quit our day jobs and craft all the time! I knit a little bit more on my Flaum cardigan while I was away but really just a row or two here and there. That fisherman’s rib is tedious so this sweater might take me some time but I’m making great progress. And I’ll be back to the knitting talk on Friday.

8 Replies to “A Little Knitting & Lots of Vacationing”

  1. Your girls look ssssooooo cute!!! I LOOOOVVVEEEE it!! πŸ™‚

  2. Sounds like a wonderful time! So glad you had a chance to get away and relax!! πŸ™‚

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