Ravelry Feature

Last night I was sitting on my couch knitting and I kept hearing the ping of my iPad notifying me of emails. I was worried it was going to be a big work issue (no one likes a work problem after hours) but to my surprise I was getting a bunch of Ravelry notifications, mainly on my Mountain High sweater. I couldn’t figure out why until someone said in their comment that they were glad I was featured.

Featured? Where?
I'm sitting on my couch knitting and couldn't figure out why I got a ton of new Ravelry messages. Login and see my @pipibird_hk Mountain High sweater on the homepage 😊 I love the knitting community and the sweet things folks have to say and share :p
So when I went to Ravelry to login to reply to my messages I realized I was on the Ravelry homepage! The knitting nerd in me geeked out. LOL I’ve been knitting since 2011 and by no means do I consider myself a great knitter so I was so tickled and delighted to be featured on the main Ravelry page. I always look at those featured projects, favorite them, add them to my queue and find new designers and other knitters to follow. So to have folks like my project and then I realized a lot of you were coming to my blog too – well thank you and welcome!

I love the community of knitters, crocheters and yarn enthusiasts. The encouragement and support that this crafty group of mainly women gives is amazing and I still have so much more to learn and do and love that I have such a great support system. I wouldn’t have tried knitting sweaters if Karen from Fringe Association hadn’t encouraged me. I wouldn’t have the confidence to try new techniques if the crew over at my LYS Fibre Space weren’t so awesome and helpful. I wouldn’t help teach my colleague to knit if I didn’t have a great community of knitters at work. It’s great to be a part of such a supportive group 🙂 And this was not a bad way to end my Tuesday.

7 Replies to “Ravelry Feature”

  1. Woohhooo!!! You are ‘officially’ a KNITTER! 😉

  2. Well, you officially pushed that Sweater back onto the Hot Right Now list! That’s a fact!

    1. I just noticed that, a lot of folks have told me they bought the pattern. I’ve gotten an insane amount of views on that project. It’s a little overwhelming.

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