February’s FO’s Roundup

Perhaps this is more for me than for you but I’m going to try to track all the things I actually finish in a month. Can I tell you that I hate when I finish something on the first of the month? I feel like it should really go in with the previous month’s FO’s but then I feel like I’m cheating. I know, I’ve made these odd rules but I’m sticking to them.
February FO's
So here’s what I finished in February:

I feel like I’ve started 2016 off with a bang! I didn’t do a January FO’s post but in January I finished 3 adult sweaters, 1 baby cardigan, a hat and a test knit for Jane Richmond. I’m on a roll with 6 sweaters so far this year and I cast on another last night while I wait for some size 35 needles to arrive to whip up something fun next week to take with me to Chicago. I’ve also got to get my baby knitting mojo back because baby girl #3 is coming and I’ve got yarn for 2 blankets for 2 girls and then a few brother/sister contrasting cardigans I’d like to whip up too.

And in other knitting news, when I posted on Instagram my finished Neutrals and Neon cardigan the pattern designer Alicia Plummer reposted it and that was super sweet. And then last night I saw that Amy Hendrix aka yarn maven Madelinetosh also reposted it with the sweetest comment {see below}. I loooooove Madelinetosh yarns and I think the neon peach yarn and the buttons are what made that cardigan so fun and different! I also have to say that the community of women and men around knitting and yarn is just so supportive, encouraging and amazing and it makes me happy to be a part of this yarny world. Needless to say, I’m having a pretty awesome Wednesday and I hope you are too!

10 Replies to “February’s FO’s Roundup”

  1. You changed the pictures in your header! I love the new ones as much as the old ones. 🙂
    So happy for you for your FOs and getting positive feedback on your pic!

    1. Yeah I wanted to switch up my headers, I was thinking of rotating them if I create another 🙂

  2. Size 35 needles?! I can’t wait to see what project is being planned!

  3. Oh, I was hoping you’d post the January FOs before the February ones. It’s never too late! Hint, hint.

    So, I was looking at your instagram feed: what’s the name of that dark sparkly nailpolish?
    Love the new header… Such pretty knits! Will you give us a clue as to what will be on the size 35s?

    1. So my nail polish doesn’t have a name, I get what they call dip gel so they dip my nails in colored powder. I’ve been asked about it a lot, sorry! And maybe I will do a January Roundup to keep things even.

  4. You have a job, right? I think I remember reading that somewhere… Whew! Congratulations on all the FOs! And I have to say, I love your photos. Your smile is so warm and genuine and makes your handmades shine that much more.

    1. First, thank you for such kind words! I appreciate it.

      And yes, I actually have two jobs! I am a digital strategist and an adjunct professor. Knitting is what I do to relax and unwind. And I’m fortunate to commute sometimes with my husband so I get to knit in the car a lot.

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