FO: Neutrals & Neons

Remember the cardigan I was making for my BFF Jess but it ended up my size in some weird way? Well, here’s my Cracked Pepper cardigan…ta-da!
Cracked pepper
I’ve got a couple of pictures wearing this different ways because I like showing how to wear hand knits and how to pair some of my crazy color combos. Taking this pics takes me back to my outfit posts from the Art of Accessories. Hopefully you find them useful and cute! But first the details on the knitting…
Cracked Pepper Cardigan
For the body of the sweater I used a little less than 2 skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co studio worsted in Charles Centre, a lovely grey. I love this yarn, I really do. Their site says it’s worsted but it’s really a light worsted/dk weight and it created a lovely fabric with a lovely drape to it when you knit with size 10 needles. The ribbing and bands are done in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino DK in the neon peach colorway. I had almost 2 full skeins leftover from my Comfort Cardigan project and was holding on to it for something fun.
Cracked Pepper Cardigan
And the best part of this cardigan (in my opinion) are the buttons and I picked them up on my lunch break Friday at Looped Yarn Works in DC. I also bought some see through peach buttons but they just faded into the button band and I decided to go big and bold with the buttons just like I did with the neon peach.
Cracked Pepper Cardigan
I was on gauge and followed the pattern completely for the smallest size and yet somehow it came out fitting me, a size that’s typically large in knitting patterns. I felt so guilty for it not working out for my BFF but Jess wasn’t botheredĀ and I know it’s not a big deal but I was just disappointed. But her loss has now become my gain. I also know if I wasn’t super lazy in my blocking and pinned the edges of the button band they’d be perfectly straight…but I was being lazy and I can live with how they look.
Cracked Pepper Cardigan
I also wanted to show the three ways I’d actually wear this cardigan since I know the crazy bright color with the neutral throws some folks off. Also, hand on my hip is my signature pose šŸ˜‰ Plus, I typically hate the styling in knitting magazines (Who tucks a sweater into slacks and puts suspenders over it? I’m talking to you, Intervweave Knits Spring issue). Plus I know a lot of people only think of wearing their knit sweaters over jeans and that’s cool but there are other options too!

The top picture is actually what I’m wearing to work today. I’m pretty much wearing neutrals withĀ a navy and white dress, navy tights and clog boots and ironically the zipper on the back of my dress is bright coral – so I figured why not throw this on as a layer since it’s a sleeveless dress? Totally works and adds a nice punch of color to a neutral outfit. For the more casual look, I paired it with my light grey jeans but added a light seafoam green shirt underneath. I like pairing the pastels with the vivid neon and will probably do this a lot on the weekends with this cardigan (did I mention how cozy it is?). And then for the last look if you want to go tone on tone, I’ve got a crazy bright shift dress and I buttoned the buttons all the way up over the dressĀ so you could see it buttoned up but also see it styled a bit more seriously. Three different ways and three different color palettes but they all work! And the possibilities are endless. So also this project did not turn out as expected it still turned out to be a winner. You learn something new every time you knit a new project, right? So tell me, what’s on your needles right now?


FO: Lovely Lady Blanket

So I finally am getting around to sharing the blanket I sent to my friend Rachel this month. Her baby girl was born last week and I already got an adorable picture of her tiny little girl with this blanket covering her on her way home. I love pictures like that.
Lady Bridgeman's blanket
I used to be a baby blanket knitting fool – that was before I found my love of sweaters. Baby blankets are just wide scarves and can get boring pretty quickly so it was nice that I had a break last year from my friends all having babies around the same time. Of course this little lady is the second of 5 babies I know of that are being born this year (I met the first this weekend and whipped up an adorable sweater for her when my blanket knitting skills failed me). I’ve got a couple more blankets, cardigans and other projects in mind for the little people coming soon or who have already arrivedĀ and I thought I’d share how I cameĀ up with this patternĀ for Lady Leah’s Love Blanket.
Lady Bridgeman's blanket
Since Leah was going to be born in February I knew I wanted to do something with hearts but I also knew her Mom wasn’t that into pink and super girly stuff. She told me she liked lavender and grey and I decided no matter what I made it was going to have to be a bulky or super bulky weight because I waited until the last minute to knit this one up. I decided on Bernat Softee Chunky, a super bulky weight yarn that is light, machine washable and dryer safe AND when you wash it, it becomes so insanely soft. A perfect combo for a newborn blanket. {I should also note that they have a Bernat Softee Chunky Baby that is just chunky weight and NOT super bulky. I realized I had so many issues with the blanket I was trying to knit last week because one ball was super bulky and the other was bulky. You’ve got to pay attention to those labels!} Ā I thought it would be fun to do a colorblocked obmre effect Ā with the palette and I pulled the heart pattern chart from the Cupid Cardigan I made for Maddie, although I could’ve just pulled the same heart pattern from my Vogue Knitting: The Ultimate Knitting Book but I was being a little lazy.
Lady Bridgeman's blanket
I only cast on 60 stitches and gave myself a garter stitch border to make it a bit more polished looking. The hearts were just a block of 26 stitches in the center of the blanket and I knit this up on size 13’s. This one came together fairly quickly and it made it to Rachel before the baby was born – HOORAY! Although the post office took a good 8 days to deliver a 2 day priority mail package (Booo). But it made it and it’s found a good home in little Leah’s crib and that’s what really matters.

Have a good weekend everyone!

How Did I Get Here?

Neutrals and Neons
So I don’t have to keep my neutral and neon project a secret anymore from my BFF Jess. Why? Because for some reason, despite being on gauge, I have knit up a second Alicia Plummer pattern way too big and I have zero clue how that even happened and instead of it fitting Jess it’s going to be big enough to fit me. Since I don’t have a pic of my own frustrated face, here’s one of Cher that sums up how I feel.
The first time I ever knit an Alicia Plummer pattern was in August, the Lived In sweater and despite meeting gauge that baby was huge. I actually just gave it away the other weekend because I’ve never worn it and knew I never would be it was such a disappointment. But I love the look of her patterns and when she had a 50% sale I picked up Cracked Pepper and thought this would be a lovely layering piece and/or jacket for Jess because she is always cold. I had some light grey Neighborhood Fiber Co studio worsted (which is really a dk weight) and leftover Madelinetosh DK in Neon Peach. I swatched away and was ready to rock following the smallest size, 33 (mind you when I knit for myself I knit a 44-45). The body went quickly and so when I was knitting the sleeves over the weekend I thought, man these sleeves look fairly big for such a small sweater and I realized that they fit me…with ease. LAWDHAVEMERCY I pulled it all the way on without any issues. Sigh…it’s big enough to fit me, which means it would totally swallow Jess, which is disappointing and makes me reconsider if I’m built to knit Alicia Plummer patterns at all.

So I’m going to finish it and block it (which I know will make it even bigger) and perhaps it will be my new spring layer that I end up loving and I’ll just go back to the drawing board with what I will make Jess in the future. I’m a bit deflated but that’s part of the knitting process, sometimes you make mistakes and hopefully you grow from them or you just go and eat some ice cream. Happy Wednesday!