When Life Happens

Sometimes I think I can plan my life. I can say that I will have a free weekend to myself and I will accomplish these 3 major things so that my week can go smoothly. That was my plan for this past weekend and then we found a stray dog in our neighborhood on Saturday.
I live in a nice family community at the top of a hill and on our way home from Target my husband spotted this little guy just wandering down the hill. It was getting dark and he didn’t want him to get hit so he pulled the car over and when I opened the car door he hopped right on in to my lap! He’s super friendly and very playful but still quiet. We took him to the vet to see if he was microchipped since he didn’t have a collar – he’s not. Posted to our county’s lost and found Facebook page, put him up on Craig’s List in the lost and found, submitted a report to Animal Management and posted flyers all over the neighborhood – no one has claimed him yet. And it breaks my heart because I know I’d be distraught if Cher was missing. I’d also home someone would do the same things we’re doing with him to help her get back to me.
Still have our stray houseguest. He's not microchipped and the folks at Banfield think he's 3 or 4. He's a polite gentleman and I think his manners are what gets Cher to let him nap on the couch with her. #cherstagrams #lostdog
Cher is dealing with him, I think she likes the fact that he eats slower than she does so she sneaks some of his food. But she growls if he gets too much in her space and we’ve been sleeping with them in separate rooms. I also separated them before leaving for work so there weren’t any issues while I’m away. He’s been eating, sleeping and playing happily. And everyone keeps saying ‘keep him,’ but we’re taking it day by day. I just feel like he belongs to someone and I am hoping we find them. We bathed him since he had been in the wet, damp dirt and grass when we found him and took him around to folks we know with dogs to see if they recognize him and no one does. Whoever this guy is, he’s sticking around with us for a while. I hope he likes it here.
And sometimes life/God has to tell you that you can’t control everything. I hear you and I’m adjusting accordingly.

4 Replies to “When Life Happens”

  1. What a precious little guy! And how lucky for him that you came along! Bless you for looking out for him.

    1. My hope is that someone would do the same for my dog. And I just got a call and think I’ve found his owner!!

  2. Awww! You guys are doing a great thing! I wonder how the little fella got out? Hopefully you’ll know soon enough whether temp becomes permanent. 😉

    1. I know, I really want him to find his home. He just feels like he belongs to someone.

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