FO: Lillian Cardigan

Lillian Cardigan
I am always amazed that this twisted hank of yarn can become a sweater. A sweater! Knitting never ceases to amaze me. I bought this Cascade 220 Paints, a worsted weight hand painted wool, a year ago on when they had it on closeout. I bought 7 hanks for a little over $4 per hank, $30 isn’t too bad for a sweater quantity of yarn, right? I try to do my best to buy large quantities when they have sales so I can do more. I didn’t have a particular project in mind when I bought this but green is my favorite color so I knew it would be used eventually.
Safia's Graduation
This is my very adorable (and tiny) cousin who graduated from my alma mater last year and moved to Chicago – the city where you can still wear a wool sweater in July. As someone from Georgia, she is not happy about the always cold temps but I am happy to knit her sweaters. Why? Because she is always the smallest size on the pattern! LOL I know that’s a silly reason but it makes the sweater knitting go by quickly and it’s so much easier to follow instructions. So when she was complaining the other day about how the high was only 65 degrees on July 1 (she frequently texts me pictures of the forecast and temperature) I decided I could put this stashed yarn to good use and knit her a cardigan to throw on for those chilly Chicago summer evenings.
I bought the Madder Anthology 2 but hadn’t knit a pattern from it yet and decided the Lillian Cardigan would be a perfect summer sweater for my cousin. Also, I love Carrie Bostick Hoge patterns. They’re easy to follow and the sweaters and accessories are clean, simple and the end result is always beautiful.
Lillian Cardigan
I don’t know why but I love picked up bands around cardigans. I’m weird like that. So this was pretty fun. The only change to the pattern I made was to not do a seamed sleeve, I just knit it in the round and still did the decreases per the instructions. It took me three weeks to knit but I also knit myself a top in between (I like to do 2 projects at once). I plan on dropping it in the mail today.
Also my cousin and my dog have a love hate relationship so I thought it was quite hilarious that Cher decided the sweater was meant for her and not my cousin. I have a big fluffy dog bed in my workspace for Cher and she was napping, minding her business and as soon as I put the cardigan on the floor to photograph she hopped down and decided that was where she should rest instead. Oh Cher.

13 Replies to “FO: Lillian Cardigan”

  1. Your cousin would lovvvvvvvve that sweater; it’s really pretty. And Cher … what can we say about that diva that hasn’t already been said. I tell you, dogs are just people living in furry bodies. Look at her facial expression … she knows exactly what she’s doing. LOLOLOLOL!

    1. I text my cousin a picture of her standing on the cardigan and she told me, “this is why we have beef. I want my cardigan.” LOL Clearly I need to knit Cher something special just for her.

      1. Yesssssss!!! Please make Cher her own sweater.

        That dog needs her own reality tv show! I’d tune in every week for the shenanigans. LOLOLOL!

      2. I think I’ll make her a blanket, that’s what she loves. She tolerates sweaters but will roll around and nap all day wrapped up in a blanket.

      3. Look how Cher’s running your life! Even your knit life. I love it!!!!! LOLOLOLOL!

        I wonder if she’ll like me cause I think she’s fab!!!

  2. That looks great!
    Maybe if Cher sees your cousin in that cardy, she’ll want to bury the hatchet.

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