Stitching Status: September’s End

First, I have to give all thanks and praise to my knitting BFF Lavon because she helped save Boothbay. She convinced me to take out the bind off and to do a stretchier bind off on the lower half – it worked! Boothbay is now not grabbing my butt in a creepy way. I just haven’t had a chance to photograph it yet because I’ve been busy working on Oatmeal!
Yes, it is small. I started with the smallest size (28) and then read the notes about how tiny this sweater is and although my cousin is tiny I got a little paranoid and decided to frog it and bump the sizing up to the next notch with a 32. It still appears slim but I know this yarn will stretch and give a little and I’d rather it be a little bit than too tight to even get her arms through it.
I do love the colors. I had some yellow and pink bulky weight left over from this hoodie I made my sister and a sweater I made myself at Thanksgiving last year and I thought they’d be a bright and cheery combo. I always have leftover yarn (hello, 3 full balls leftover from Boothbay!) but I try to make hats and scarves or sweaters for tiny people with the leftovers. I try to use as much of my stash as I can. I would like to finish Oatmeal tonight so I can block it and it be dry by the time I have to pack it away for my Friday morning early flight. If not, I’ll just take a packet of soak with me to Chicago and block it in my hotel room. As I typed that sentence I felt slightly knitting obsessed…but I don’t care. I am knitting obsessed.
Knitting Wisdom
I also had to share this hilarious piece because I’ve had this on my iPad camera roll for forever (found it on Instagram over a year ago) and it always rings so true with me. We are getting into the holiday knitting season and I do not feel obligated to make things for people that I do not think will appreciate it. My time, effort and money going into making special things and I only choose to share it with those special folks in my life – and I have a right to make that choice. So here’s your friendly reminder, you don’t have to knit anything you don’t want to for someone you don’t want to knit for – am I right?

3 Replies to “Stitching Status: September’s End”

  1. Truer words have not been spoken, Amen! Just try telling my sister that! 🙂

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