FO: Rye Tie for Ayo

A good friend our mine has always been impressed with my knitting but the first time he saw me post about knitting a tie he immediately responded that he wanted one. Every time he’s seen me knit one he asks, ‘When can I get one? What do I have to do?’ So when he told me his family was coming up for the Easter holiday/spring break I decided it was time to knit him his own Rye tie.
The Rye tie is a simple (and free) pattern, you can knit with a worsted weight yarn. I’ve always used one that has a bit of silk in it, Cascade Venezia Worsted. I like the drape the tie has after you finish it and the colors are very saturated. You can knit this over a weekend. And since Ayo is a tall guy he asked if I could make it a little longer than the average tie and that’s easy to do. When I made a Rye tie for my friend Steven he suggested I add a keeper loop to the back to hold the tie in place.
Since then whenever I knit one I either pick up stitches on the edge and knit a slim bar or like with this one I just knit a garter stitch bar and attached it to the back. An easy solution so that you ensure they want to wear your knitted gift.
Cher was extremely helpful while I was trying to block his tie. And by helpful I mean she kept standing directly on the tie while I was trying to pin it to my blocking boards. Sigh…gotta love knitting with dogs.
But I knew the tie was a hit because I gave it to Ayo on Friday and he wore it to church on Sunday for Easter. It’s always good to know your hand knits will get a good home.


FO: A Rye Tie for a Wood Pencil

I made another Rye tie last week. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many men I know want a hand knit tie once they’ve seen one.
This time though I made this tie for my friend Brian as a way to barter for one of his handmade wood pens for my husband.
Well in this case it was actually a black and white ebony wood mechanical pencil! Isn’t it beautiful? You may remember when Brian gifted me one of his first wood pens he had ever made. I keep it with a special journal I have at home because I don’t want it to get lost in my purse or someone walk away with it at work. Kendell already had a gorgeous pen (which he immediately took to work before I could even photograph it) but asked Brian if he could make a pencil to go with it and he could! Since Brian had already seen my knit ties he asked if I’d be willing to make him one as a trade for a pencil. Done!
And this time around I listened to what previous tie owners told me, that the tie needs a bar on the back to slip their ends through. I picked up a few stitches on the backside and was able to make a neat bar that you can’t notice from the front. I still had a full skein of Cascade Venezia Worsted in my stash that I like to use for these (this is the third tie I’ve made using this yarn) and Brian picked out this gorgeous deep green shade. This is a wool and silk blend that gives the tie a really great drape to it. I can’t wait to see him all dressed up with it, he’s a pretty dapper guy.

Reminder, this is a free tie pattern and I highly recommend you add it to your library. It’s a quick knit that you can make for any guy friend around the holidays. And if you’re interested in one of Brian’s handmade pens, check out his website.

FO: Birthday Ties

My cousin Mark was celebrating his 50th birthday on December 21st and my best friend Steven’s birthday is December 24th. I decided to make them both ties for their birthdays this year. Mark has been asking for one for a long time and I just never sat down to do it.
Mark's birthday tie
I had yarn in my stash that I actually bought with ties in mind so all I needed was the time to actually sit down and knit them. You may remember when I knit my husband the Rye tie and I did a lavender and purple stripe. This time I used the same pattern but went with solid colors.
Mark's birthday tie
For Mark’s tie I used the Freia worsted ombre…but unfortunately I didn’t get to go long enough to get any of the gray! I was a little bummed that I didn’t get the color change but he was delighted to say the least about his tie. He also has his own radio show on Sirius XM and appears on MSNBC quite often and he wore his tie the following Saturday when he was on TV.
Mark and his birthday tie
How cool is it to say your knit tie was seen on TV?
Steven's tie
The second tie went to my best friend Steven in NYC. He’s a dapper dresser and I thought why not add one of my ties to his collection. For this one I used Cascade Venezia yarn and it’s a little softer drape than my cousin’s. I also loved the rich shade of red. Added bonus, it matched Sophie’s sweater I knit for her. I’ve been loving the enthusiasm for the knit ties but now everybody wants me to make them one! But hey, I can…I just won’t. LOL

I’ve been away for the last week for work for a conference and I am EXHAUSTED. So no post on Monday to take the long weekend to rest and snuggle my dogs and KNIT! Have a great weekend everyone.