Still Here, Still Sheltering in Place

I got a couple of emails and comments asking if I was okay because I hadn’t written anything for the last two weeks. I’m here! I’m still healthy, so is my family and we are all still sheltering in place. I’ve just been really busy! Classes ended but I had A LOT of work to do and just turned in my last paper of the semester last night. On top of that I was administering finals online and having to use all my tech skills to help guide my colleagues. So to say I’m drained is an understatement.

Pandemic writing
Writing with Jellybean

I’ve been knitting but haven’t taken any real photos of what I’m working on at the moment. So here’s all I’ve got.

Still here

I’m been working on the new Vintage ’83 Crop by Andrea Mowry. It has brioche and texture but it’s on small needles using lace weight yarn – not my normal but I’m branching out. The main body color yarn is Lion Brand Amazing Lace yarn, I picked it up for $5 a ball (bought 2 balls) at AC Moore ages ago because I just thought it was such a pretty fuchsia and it is 1,000 yards per ball, so few ends to weave in. I figured why not try making this if I have it in my stash. The colors in the brioche yoke colors are leftover from my Fantastitch Shawl (orange) and my Find Your Fade shawl (mint green). I think I have enough of the green leftover to maybe make Jellybean a tiny version, we shall see.

I realize that I write almost every day, just not here. As part of my research and just for record keeping the experience, I’ve been blogging on my academia site about my experience in graduate school. I just started last month, talking about COVID-19, oppression, race and all the other things that I tend to research and write about currently. I think because of the nature of what I study and how heavy it can get, added with sheltering in place, I haven’t wanted to share much. I do share on Instagram more frequently in my stories but it is usually just videos of Jellybean. But I didn’t want to leave you all hanging. So yes, I’m here, I’m okay, just trying to find a little balance in all this craziness.

How are you doing?

17 Replies to “Still Here, Still Sheltering in Place”

  1. Thank you so much. I love reading your posts. It’s been a very difficult time. I’m a teacher and moving to online when I’m low tech has been a challenge. Knitting is my stress relief.

  2. Glad you are doing well and 🍾🥂 on getting that paper done. Jellybean is a fine Proctor 👏🏽for over seeing your academics. I love hearing about your treasure finds. When the shelter in place has transitioned somewhat I got to search out some of your great finds. I love seeing your sweater progression and cant wait to see Jellybean’s version. Thank you for your posts they are a highlight to our days😍

  3. Always lovely to hear from you. Stay safe!

  4. Love the colors. I’ve been doing okay here. Lots of cast ons but I’m okay with that as I know these are projects I want to do as I planned out my knitting year through my Ravelry library. Casting on is very relaxing for me so I don’t mind having lots of started projects that I will progress through throughout the year.

  5. THANK YOU! I got my phone to email to check on you and…there you were!! Glad you are all doing ok..after papers now maybe you can relax

  6. Your sweater is cheery and uplifting! I’m teaching online and have two of my kids back home from university. It’s busy and unnerving. Two of our senior students have passed away in the last three weeks during all of this. When friends text to ask how things are going, I find myself automatically saying that things are good because I don’t want to be negative. But I need to be more honest with myself (and my friends) – I’m not doing well in this, and that’s okay. I’m stressed and tired. I’m also very thankful for my knitting…it grounds me every evening. And instagram posts like your’s really do help! That Jellybean is such a cutie.

  7. Thanks for checking in. I’m happy you’re knitting through all of this- knitting (and other crafts) is an act of hope, and we need all we can get right now.

  8. I adore your use of bright happy colors in your knits!

  9. Oh Dana you look tired. I hope you can get some rest very soon.
    Your sweater is delightful!!

  10. This is a really hard time. It is ok for all of us to admit it. I have not updated my blog in a while, For those of us with big responsibilities, shifting all that to a virtual or home space is rough. We are juggling one professor’s summer undergrad research program (virtual), twin grade 3 students doing homeschool, and a partly out of work freelancer (me) along with taking care of two dogs, one who is sick and very elderly, and cooking like crazy to feed everybody. We are fine…except for the NYC death in the family, and being very very tired. I feel exactly where you are coming from.

  11. Hi Dana — This is a completely random pattern recommendation, but I saw your MD entry, which reminded me of an earlier entry of yours where you had mentioned that your husband likes to wear the vests you’ve made. At the time, my brain remembered this pattern from Veronik Avery: I’d meant to send you the link back then, but my brain apparently moved on to other things.

    Thanks for sharing your fun love of colorful knitting with the rest of us. — Yvonne

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