It’s December?!

Normally I would do a monthly round up of what I was able to finish in the month of November and yeah…I finished nothing. But I knew that was going to be the case. November and April are usually my craziest months as the semesters come to a close. I will say I did rip out the collar on my Four Color Fable cardigan I knit back in 2017.

Four color Fable cardigan

I didn’t bind it off with a stretchy bind off so it never laid quite right, it needed more ribbing and I hated the buttons. But the sweater is so soft and cozy and I’ve been wanting to wear it, so I pulled out my scissors and cut off the button band and started it over. I still had a full skein of the navy blue yarn left in my stash. This time I added way more collar ribbing than the instructions said so it folds over nicely, bound off with a stretchy bind off and omitted the buttons this time around because I felt like it. I’ve been wearing it every day since.

Dana's Edit on Mason Dixon Knitting

I’ve also got my latest column up for MDK, all about a category I call Lady Sweaters. The sweaters you want to wear when you’re trying to feel a bit polished. You can go give it a read on their site.

Jellybean in a sweater enamel pin

And in honor of Cyber Monday and to get rid of the last few pins in my stash, I’ve put the Jellybean pins on sale in my Etsy shop. Grab one if you haven’t gotten one already because after they’re gone, that’s it!

I’ll still be a bit quiet this week, I’m almost finished with paper #2 and #3 is due on Monday – oh and I’ve got to grade some finals too. Have a great week everyone!

6 Replies to “It’s December?!”

  1. Is there an image of the re-do? – it would make me very happy to be wearing something I wasn’t happy with and had fixed up. πŸ™‚

      1. That”s a bit thoughtless ! – just think of us all out here wondering how much more fabulous the new version it. [grin]

  2. I’m glad you liked the way you redid your cardigan. It can be frustrating when everything works out except for one particular thing. It looks great! It’s a really cute cardigan.

  3. So I read this and then had to reread the line that said β€œI pulled out my sisters and cut off the button band” and then I realized you meant scissors (probably an autocorrect situation) and I had to bust out laughing. And I needed a good laugh about now. πŸ˜‚. Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your wonderful knitting adventures with us.

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