FO: Highland Slipover

It’s officially fall and I know everyone is thinking about the things they want to make and your list is probably a mile long, like mine is too. One of the things I love to wear all fall, winter and into spring is a vest and one of my favorites I made in March is the Highland Slipover by Ozetta (Ravelry link).

Highland slipover

I knit mine in the La Bien Aimee Corrie Confetti in Greybow, a slightly lavender grey with rainbow flecks of tweed. The ribbing is knit in Urth Yarns Worsted weight, I had a skein of this lovely pink that matched one of the flecks of color in the yarn. One of things I love about vests is that they don’t require a ton of yardage, they’re quick to knit and you can throw them on with pretty much anything.

Highland slipover

I just love a tweedy yarn for a silhouette like this, you can pull all kinds of colors out of this even though the main color is a neutral. I didn’t get to wear it a ton when I made it in March before it warmed up but I’m excited to wear it again once the temps cool down here.

Highland slipover

I did get to wear it when Aimee of La Bien Aimee came to Looped Yarn in DC in the spring. I cracked up because she immediately knew which batch of greybow it was based on the coloring of my sweater. She really does love her yarn. And don’t worry, I’ve got so many sweaters still to share, there’s lots more to come!

Knit Stars

And if you missed out on my season of Knit Stars last year, my season is on sale until the 25th! I’ve loved the feedback from so many of you who watched and my class and loved seeing Jellybean and her sweaters too. It really was such a fun experience for me and I appreciate your support!

5 Replies to “FO: Highland Slipover”

  1. Dana, as much as enjoy the photos you post (because I love seeing your sweaters), I think I enjoy your writing even more. Thanks for your blog. It’s always a joy.

  2. This is such a great vest design, Dana. The thing that prevents me from wearing some of my other vests as often as I’d like is the “cold shoulder” problem that goes with having a drafty little old house. Highland slipover solves this problem. Off to the stash to do some planning! I, too, look forward to your writing — knowing that right now the lion’s share of your gift needs to focus in the direction of your dissertation. All the best!

  3. Just Started Ozetta’s Season Sweater and I think I need to add this one to the queue too! Yours looks so comfy!

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