6 Replies to “Dana’s Edit: What Do You Do When You Cannot Knit?”

  1. So glad that you are getting better. Your article was moving, and I have to tell you that picture of you in your multi colored striped socks and your little dog in his legwarmers could crash the “internets” it’s so cute!

    1. Dear, Sweet Dana,
      My prayers have been answered! I am so relieved to hear you have an answer to your illness and that you are healing. Because I admire you so much, I will not stop praying for you.
      Get well and stay well… because I know how much you are loved within the knitting community.
      God bless you, your family and your darling dogs. Jellybeans leg warmers are DARLING!!!
      Your friend, MJ the SKEINdinavian

  2. I loved your article. Jellybean in leg warmers to match your socks is really the end all be allπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—

  3. What a wonderful article, Dana! You are such a gift to the knitting community….even when you couldn’t knit. Do continue to take care of yourself.

  4. Those legwarmers for Jellybean are so cute it almost hurts (in a good way). I hope they were knitted flat; it’s too much to contemplate a 4-needle double point knit that tiny.

  5. I’m so glad that your finally on the mend. Love, Love, Love the striped socks knit by a friend for you and the matching leg warmers for Jellybean……….OMG, so spectacular, so superb ……..Would love to knit those socks in that same yarn and colorway. Would so appreciate it if you know the yarn that was used to knit it or if you could ask your special friend who knit them what yarn she/he used……..It would so make my day, week, month, year………It’s just the most gorgeous yarnie goodness striped socks and leg warmers.
    Thank you so very much……Hope to hear from you soon. Have needles at the ready.
    Your Knitster Sister
    Ronni Lynn
    knittingdiva on ravelry (sent you a pm there as well)

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