FO: My Summer Knits

I know it’s October and I am just sharing some of my summer makes but I’m trying to make an effort to take a quick pic of my knits when I wear them so I can actually share them here! I’ve been missing blogging but I also know I can’t do everything I want to do so I’m finding ways to make it easier to post when I’ve got the energy.

Seleste Tee

First up is my Seleste Tee (Ravelry link). I actually bought the full sweater version first and then when the dk weight tee version came out I scooped up the pattern. I also scooped up some of the Noro Kakigori yarn that came out in early summer to make it with, it’s a lovely dk weight cotton and silk blend yarn and it had 660 yards per skein! I love not having to weave in a billion ends. I’ve actually been wearing this top fairly often as the temps are even starting to cool off. With the lace work on the yoke, I like to wear a tank top underneath for another layer of warmth. I also didn’t realize I stopped the lace repeat one repeat short (I totally didn’t turn the page) but I was fine with the place where it stopped and I made adjustments.

Pari Pari

My second project that I wore a lot of but packed away with my summer knits was the Pari Pari top (Ravelry link) by Olga Buraya-Kefelian. I actually knit this one in four days and felt like I had my knitting mojo back. It was knit using Camile, a Lang yarn (it’s on sale on Webs!!) that is a multicolored tape yarn that I loved. I knit it on size 11 needles which is why it went so fast but because of the clever construction you can wear it front or back and reverse!


And my last summer make to share is one you may have noticed from my Knit Starts previews, Gogink (Ravelry link). I was in a mood to knit some colorwork with cotton yarn, so I used Kelbourne Woolens Mojave, a cotton and linen blend along with some very old Cascade Ultra Pima cotton I have had for years in my stash. I love blue and green together and with this lovely scalloped yoke design it really popped. I love this sweater so much I’m already plotting what wool color combo I want to use to make another one.

I really did stop knitting for a solid 6 weeks but I was so happy when I got my energy back and could spend some time picking up my needles. I often don’t have a ton of energy at the end of the work day, so I don’t knit as much as I would like every week but I am happy to knit whenever I can. What fun projects have you been knitting? What should I add to my list?

22 Replies to “FO: My Summer Knits”

  1. These are all great sweaters. Your inspiring work is renewing my knitting energies, which drooped miserably this summer. Thank you!

  2. Beautiful sweaters! I’m happy to hear that you’re feeling better.

  3. I loved seeing these. You look great in all of them. You must be a master of making the pattern fit you. I made Winter Trees pullover by Twin Stitches out of old cotton yarns and I’m really happy with that. I knit Tif Nielans Pinnacle Pullover and used fingering and suri alpaca held together for my first “holding double” knit. That was so much fun. Thank you. Bonnie

  4. Dana, you seem to be doing so well, and you are radiant in these gorgeous knits! Hoping you continue to heal and continue to find joy in your life! ❤️

  5. Hi Dana, these are all so BEAUTIFUL. I am so glad you feel the energy to knit again.

  6. They’re all so beautiful but the color and pattern on the last one is my favorite! Now I have to go buy more yarn. I just finished my first sweater and my first color work with the Dissent sweater. It’s gorgeous but 100% wool may have been a questionable choice for my California life. I like the idea of making something in cotton!

  7. These are so lovely! The Gogink is gorgeous. I have been channeling your love for cotton sweaters as I knit up Natalie Warner’s Bonnie Sweater. Hope you continue to feel more energized & give yourself grace along the way.

  8. Great to see your summer knits. Had not seen any of these patterns. Glad you are blogging when you can.

    I wanted to tell you how often I have thought of your MDK post about systemic racism and it’s impact, and that what you wrote is also relevant to Indigenous peoples here in Canada.

    1. Great to see you in these cheerful sweaters! I always look for your blog posts–such a ray of sunshine! Glad you’re recovering–just take it easy, if you can. And stopping the yoke patterning one repeat early: what a lightbulb moment for me. I can’t count the sweaters that I’ve passed on making because I don’t like the way deep yokes look on me. Thank you!

  9. You got so much done, and you didn’t even feel well! Good work!

  10. I cried a little when your latest blog arrived in my e-mail and I read it. So happy to see you blog again. My latest knitting is Marettimo by Caitlin Hunter: I am getting the project in time for June 2022 to wear and attend a Louie Anderson show in Virginia. I’m going for a handmade outfit look. I started something different since the last time I read your blog: I started a Twitter for my goal to be wife candidate for Louie Anderson- @zhongtheresa2.

  11. Miss Dana, I hope you are feeling better cuz you are looking good. Where is JB? My right thumb joint is bone-on-bone. It hurts so I haven’t been knitting much.😱

  12. Your sweaters are gorgeous! I am knitting an Autumn League sweater in a cotton yarn. I’m loving it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  13. All your knits look great. Glad to hear you are doing well!♥️

  14. Dana, I can relate to not getting much knitting in on weekdays. I try to make up for it on weekends, but it feels so much slower. This must be why I switch to hats and accessories every fall- the school year starts and a sweater would take all year. Your summer knits are beautiful- I love the Noro yarn- it is somehow neutral and colorful all at once.

  15. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Yay!! you’ve got your knitting mojo back! wooohhooo!!!

  16. Awww. Your love of pairing blue and green immediately made me think of my mother in law, who passed away last year at 91. She was a woman who learned somewhere how something should be done (laundry, cleaning something, making your bed, which colors go together) and that was it, last word, it should always be that way. When I would pair blue and green she would say “Blue and green should never be seen”, a saying she had learned so long ago she didn’t even remember why or how. I probably exasperated her as much as she did me at times!

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