Behind the Scenes with Knit Stars Season 6

Happy Friday! I remembered that I said I would give a sneak peek at my Knit Stars class and then blogging got pushed to the bottom of my list. It has been about a month since school started and I am definitely exhausted but I’m getting into a good routine and figuring out how to adapt and adjust to make it all work. Baby steps! But back to the fun stuff, behind the scenes with Knit Stars.

Knit Stars

I have to say, never in my life did I think I would be filmed in my home talking about knitting and knitting dog sweaters! It was just one very lovely videographer, Brad, and my friend Jocelyn who helped me out over the two days Brad was filming. It wasn’t super invasive and didn’t take over my home, but it was definitely a new and different experience. My yarn room was my classroom and one of the main spaces we filmed in (I had to put a lot of yarn in the bathtub in order to have space) but we also did interviews in my home and in places where I knit and at my favorite yarn shop, Fibre Space. I will admit, I was a broadcast journalism major so I am comfortable in front of a camera and it paid off to be comfortable and at ease talking to a camera.

Knit Stars

My absolute favorite thing was getting to film with Jellybean. My course is about gaining confidence with your knitting and helping you work up to customizing knits so you can knit a dog sweater. Jellybean was a trooper during filming but towards the end when she had a billion sweater changes she was ready to be finished for the day and just get treats and snuggles.

Knit Stars

We even did a fun segment where we changed into a dozen of our matching sweaters (I have more than a dozen matching sweaters but we just picked my favorite 12).

Knit stars

For the class, I partnered with the Wandering Flock yarn and Geraldine came up with this lovely watercolor yarn she named Jellybean and I knit the Spring Sorrel top for myself and of course a Jellybean sized version. This experience was definitely one of the most fun things I’ve been able to participate in and I know I’m not doing a lot of in person events and festivals because of the pandemic, so I’m excited to see what other classes my fellow season six Knit Stars come up with too! I’ve had lots of people tell me they signed up in early bird and ordered the yarn and I know a second round of sales will open up in October. Thank you for being as excited about this as I am, I think it’s going to be really fun!!

9 Replies to “Behind the Scenes with Knit Stars Season 6”

  1. I love this! And am so glad that you are on the mend. Question: how do you keep moths away from the yarn on your peg-board? Or was that for display during taping?

    1. Everything on the board is leftover yarn from projects and I haven’t had a moth issue (fingers crossed) full skeins that are wool are in closed plastic drawers underneath the peg board.

  2. It is so good to hear that you are doing well, Dana! It’s nice to see Jelly Bean too. That is so cute that she got to film too. Excited for Knit Stars 6 – I am already signed up.

  3. Wow, Dana – it is so much fun to see you and Jelly Bean in your sweaters. Thanks for letting us in on this!

  4. Congratulations on the filming! Can’t wait to see it and I’m soooo glad you’ve recovered enough to get back into your knitting!!! You look faboo, by the way! So glad to see you smiling and healthy, XXX!

  5. Man! I love that rainbow sweater! It is simply fantastic! Congratulations on Knit Stars filming! Way to hold up under the pressure and healing and pandemic and school and life and everything. You do so much! It’s amazing. You are inspiring!

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