FO: Lucky Dog Sweater

A few weeks ago I went to my local yarn shop, Fibre Space, and I picked up a single skein of Spincycle Dream State yarn. It’s not cheap and only about 150 yards but so many people talk about it that I’ve been curious. I had Jellybean with me at the shop and I picked up this yellow color called Salty Dog and decided it would be just the right amount to knit her a sweater, so I did.

Lucky dog sweater

This is the Lucky Dog sweater pattern by Sole Salvo and it’s a bottom up sweater knit from XXS (Jellybean’s size) to XL. There’s a size for a wide range of dogs. I started it on Thursday night after Thanksgiving dinner with my husband and I finished it on Saturday morning.

Lucky dog sweater

I didn’t do the full turtleneck on her because I wanted to hold on to just a little bit of the yardage for another sweater idea I have swirling in my head for Jellybean.

Lucky dog sweater

The yarn is nice, it has a rustic look to it but isn’t scratchy. It also isn’t super soft but is definitely a stronger yarn, which I like for a dog sweater. At least I know it will hold up and wear well over the years. I also love this shade of golden yellow on Jellybean. I was considering using this sweater as part of our holiday card color palette but didn’t realize how much brown and green there would be, so I’ve got to finish my husband’s sweater to see if this one makes the cut or if I go with my second idea. I’ve changed my mind a million times on my holiday sweater color palette and then got struck by inspiration when I whipped up a quick knit for myself…but more on that later.

8 Replies to “FO: Lucky Dog Sweater”

  1. I am TOTALLY all about this sweater😄😍Jellybean looks GORGEOUS, I will show it to Lucy

  2. Jellybean’s always the best-dressed dog in town. Can’t wait for your holiday sweaters!

  3. You did it – you finally made me break down and order a dog sweater pattern (which just happens to be on sale at Purl Soho today!).
    Our chihuahua/minpin mix has been shivering a little more than usual and I have a feeling that this little sweater will be the camel’s nose under the tent as far as dressing her.

  4. Jellybean looks great. Gold is definitely her color! She will shine lie the star she is in your Christmas card 😉

    1. Jelly Bean’s sweater is cute ! I am looking for just a plain stockinnette stitch sweater pattern. I havr some self stripping yarn I would like to use. Do you have any recommendations for a pattern knit in the round?
      Sally Nygren

  5. I am working on my second Lucky Dog sweater right now. I love that pattern! The first one I made for my sister’s dog (a beagle mix), and then a friend saw the pictures my sister posted on FB and asked if I would make one for HER dog (a Mastiff, oof) who is fighting cancer and had his right front leg amputated. Under the circumstances, I couldn’t say no! Next up, one for my mini dachshund!

  6. I love the sweater, but littleJB even more. Hug that dog extra for me!

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