FO: Homecoming Cardi

I decided I would join Kristy Glass’s virtual Rhinebeck Sweater parade. this year since I couldn’t go back to Rhinebeck. Why not! It gave me a goal and a project to work towards for fall so I went for it and I finished my Homecoming Cardi just in time.


Shay Johnson is the designer behind the Homecoming cardi and a friend. I was with her at the beginning of the year at Vogue Knitting Live in NY (when we could go out and be in crowds and see people) when she initially launched the pattern and I thought the pattern was so cute that I put it on my list to eventually knit. It’s got details that make it look like a varsity jacket and I loved that since I had one of my own. Of course I decided to take my own spin on colors with it and decided to knit it with three colors instead of two.


For the body main color, I used Knit Picks Mighty Stitch in Pucker, a SUPER bright neon pink and I had two skeins of Mighty Stitch in Eggplant that I used for the sleeves. For the mosaic stitch pattern on the body, I used Knitty and Color’s Unicorns vs. Sharpies colorway for little fun pops of color. There’s a lot of purple in that colorway so that’s why I went for the dark purple sleeves. Honestly, I just wanted to knit something fun and bright because I’m exhausted by everything these days and this was a perfect distraction.

Back in the 1990’s I was a high school cheerleader, on a Varsity squad that won a district championship. I had a letter jacket and everything. Well, for some reason, 17 year old Dana bought a HUGE varsity jacket because that’s what was in style back then and 42 year old Dana can totally fit her jacket today. So of course I had to take a photo to compare the two.


I still can’t believe I fit my jacket but it is a large, so clearly future me knew I would want to wear it eventually. So did you knit a virtual Rhinebeck sweater? What pattern? What yarn? Share!

25 Replies to “FO: Homecoming Cardi”

  1. I loved seeing your pictures, especially the ones where you’re wearing the new sweater & your old letter jacket. The Homecoming Cardi is adorable & your pops of color are so happy! Great job, Dana!! ❤

    1. In another one of your blog, you shared a picture of this cute baby knit hat. “…his hat pattern because of the garter stitch panel that breaks up all the stockinette and adds a little texture and interest”. Please share the pattern, i would love to try to make this hat. Thank you.

  2. You have the same beautiful radiant smile that just lights up everything around you💖 Your cardi colors are fabulous, as usual😍!

  3. that sweater is amaze balls!!! and the hs jacket is adorable. i had a letterman sweater ( band!) that i threw out 😩😩😩😩

  4. As I was reading about your Homecoming sweater I was mentally composing a note to you asking you to show us your letter jacket. Love! Well done current Dana and teenage Dana!

  5. Love both pics! When my older daughter was a toddler, she had a faux letter jacket that said “Girls Rock.” Wish we still had it.

  6. Oh wow! Your color choices always amaze and delight me! I’m finding, because of you, I don’t knit in as many grays, browns, etc. Great job on the Homecoming Cardi!

  7. OMG, you were and are *so cute*! I love the jacket and your new sweater both!

  8. You are so adorable. Your emails always brighten my day. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I graduated from Paint Branch High school in Burtinsville, MD. Did you go to a Maryland high school? Laurel H.S.? Trying to remember all of the “L” high schools! Love the sweater.

    1. I went to high school in Williamsburg, VA. I didn’t move to Maryland until after college.

  10. I love that you still have your jacket! Ginormous clothes were totally the style then (my letter jacket was also HUGE – I could have fit 2 me’s inside mine!)

  11. Love your bright happy color choices and the sweater ( and it’s inspiration jacket) look great!

  12. Not a Rhinebeck sweater for this year, but I’m in two clubs this fall and just decided to make a sweater pattern from the first using yarn from the second. 😀

  13. Ahhhh. Such a cute photo of Younger You! As one who carried her high school prom dress around for DECADES, I love seeing You her You’s (I think I let mine go when I was still in my 60’s).

  14. The picture of you as a teen is about the best thing I’ve seen in months – so adorable! I love your work, thanks for continuing to share!

  15. Super cute! I love that you can fit in your teen jacket. I would recognize your smile any time.

  16. Wow! 17-year old DWJ! An awesome picture and a vividly inspiring FO! Way to go DWJ!

  17. Super sporty look! The shape is so cute. (I had a letter sweater, not a jacket, but only for girls’ softball — it was the early 1960s).

    I just downloaded another pattern that uses mosaic knitting techniques. If I can master that pattern, I might give this one a try. I loved Shay’s jacket colors!

  18. Your sweater is gorgeous! So bright and so very you. I’m working on a Camaro pullover in happy colors and it’ll be awhile until it’s done, but I can’t wait to wear it! Have you ever knit a Camaro? It seems like something you would like.
    Anyway, Happy Fall!

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