Monthly Review: October 2019

I think we can say October’s finished objects were bright and colorful. But aren’t most of my knits? LOL

October FO’s

This month I was actually able to finish two sweaters. I started one in the summer and the other the month before but I was happy to get them both off of my needles. Sweater knitting is just so darn satisfying.

  • My Pinwheel sweater is the brightest thing I may have ever knit. This highlighter yellow can’t keep me from smiling when I wear it.
  • My rainbow Linus cardigan became my Rhinebeck sweater and it was a really easy way for people to find me in a crowd.

Added bonus, both sweaters look great with my Unicorn Frames! And another fun thing happened…

I got nominated for the Crafties! Love Craft’s awards for bloggers who craft. If you’re interested, you can vote for me here. I thought it was sweet that they nominated me.

So tell me, what were you able to accomplish in October?

17 Replies to “Monthly Review: October 2019”

  1. Just went to the Love Craft site and voted for you. Big question: Can we vote more than once?
    Congrats on TWO sweaters in one month!!

  2. Voted! Beautiful sweaters. I’m still working on my Ashton shawl. 150 grams of goodness using Fierce Fibers Hummingbird color. I love the subtle color changes. I’ve had quite a few hummingbirds in my backyard lately so very excited to get it done soon hopefully 🤞

  3. I am very happy to vote for you. I hope you win!

  4. Happy to vote for you! I finished the Olive Leaf cardigan for Rhinebeck and lots of hats for a charity bazaar.

  5. Voted!! And I love, love, love these sweaters AND your glasses!!!

  6. Congratulations on your nomination! You are very talented. These sweaters are beautiful – the rainbow cardigan is so fun and a great way to add a splash of colour to an outfit!

  7. Thanks for the heads-up; I’ve voted for you, willingly, and also in a different category for sommeone else whose work I admire.
    October’s achievement? I FINALLY got a gents waistcoat off the needles. Started last June but far too heavy and hot for a summer knit. Duh! No big deal? Except that the recipient is a 64″ (yes, SIXTY-FOUR INCHES) chest!
    You’re interesting me in brioche… but I MUST finish a couple of other UFOs first.

  8. So happy to vote for you!!!
    I finished a pair of gift socks and a Main Squeeze Cardigan by Jen Geigley in the Mason-Dixon book Big Joy, AND a Christmas stocking for my grand-niece.

  9. I so voted for you!!!! I’m still on a sock kick. I started a couple of sweaters that didn’t work out for various reasons, so socks it is!

  10. I love both sweaters. I accomplished casting on for a sweater. October was a slow month because of casting on and frogging sweater and recasting on. I am determined to get the raglan sleeves right

  11. I voted for yoU! I couldn’t vote for any of the other categories as I don’t know them, so I hope my ballot is still valid!

    October : finished the skirt for my daughter and a hat with a felted flower for her friend.

  12. I voted for you because your blog always makes me smile. 🙂
    I finished a blanket this month that had been sitting for months because I hate weaving in ends. Also finished a hat that I started 2 years ago. Hope to complete some more WIPs this month.

  13. Voted!! Congrats on being nominated! You deserve to win for sure 😁 I’m almost done the Soldotna for my daughter. She wanted a longer body and long sleeves…the last sleeve is taking FOREVER it seems hahaha…probably because I decided to keep with the colourwork on them 😳🤪

  14. Voted! And I love those sweaters, especially the rainbow cardi! I finished a lot in october, a baby blanket, a shawl, several hats. My needles are relatively clear now, with a scarf, a sweater (fingering! So slow!) and a hat. My queue is long, though, so more might get cast on.

  15. Voted for you! I’ve been reading this blog for a number of years and I’m so proud of you!

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