Sweater Weather & Studying

I hate that I have disappeared from this space but I warned you it would happen. November is not my favorite month. As classes wind down, students seem to panic about their grades and I’m trying to wrap up my first semester of grad school. Can I say that I have so many papers to write and it’s a little overwhelming. So the time I do have is spent reading journal articles and books so I can write something good. Unfortunately, that means this space gets neglected. Sorry!

On the knitting side of things, it is sweater weather in Maryland. Jellybean has been wearing all of her sweaters as the temps have dropped into the twenties and she even got a new sweatshirt onesie for those days when it is just too cold for her tiny stick legs. I’ve also realized that I can read and knit in garter stitch or stockinette, so I’ve been working on a new Garter Breeze wrap to go with my winter coat. And when I need a real break from studying/work, I’ve been working on the Prado vest for my husband in a lovely cotton blend wool in a rich navy blue.

This month may be a little quiet on my end over here but I’m plugging along and will pop in when I can. I’m so looking forward to my winter break and lots of knitting time!

22 Replies to “Sweater Weather & Studying”

  1. You just about killed me with the photo of JB and her leg pop and even slight side-eye. Please tell her her public thinks she looks gorgeous.

  2. Dana, You are such a joy! Glad to hear from you whenever your time allows.You have almost completed your first semester πŸ’
    You got this girl!!!!!!

  3. Woo hoo. Hang in there! When I was in nursing school, i was working like 3 partime jobs. 1 during the days I had no class, 1 in evening and 1 on the weekends to pay for school. My mom said the sacrifices we make now will pay off later. You will get thru this my friend. πŸ€—πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½

  4. I love reading your blog and “fan girling” your use of color; however I am in awe of your work and school schedule. Best wishes as you power through this month. Please take care of yourself.

  5. It is easy to become overwhelmed with all that you have going on. Keep finding windows of time for self care as you deserve it!

  6. Hi Dana – hope you get to relax a little over Thanksgiving.

  7. I love your posts and really look forward to reading them. Please keep up you blog- it is so enjoyable.

  8. I miss you but want you to do well with your schooling. You rock!

  9. So nice to hear from you, Dana. I am in awe of your energy to do everything – not to mention reading and knitting at the same time!! Maybe I’ll get there one day, LOL. Hang in there – the break will be here before you know it.

  10. Good luck with all your work. It sounds exhausting. I too have a Garter Breeze Wrap in progress (although I never knew its name; I just call it the interminable Stephen West airplane knitting shawl and I never expect to finish it. No matter how much I knit on it there always seem to be 300 stitches still to decrease. And I can’t even imagine doing an I-cord edging around the thing as he suggests!

  11. Figured you were burning candle at both ends. We all know that you cannot NOT knit if you know what I mean. School is intense but knitting is relaxing. Stay strong. Good thing hubby and Jellybean are keeping eye on you.

  12. Dana, you are doing a wonderful job. No apologies allowed! Have I already mentioned that I am a former graduate/professional school registrar? I have seen many, many students through doctoral programs, and my one word of wisdom is, Plan to do one thing less than you think you can! If that means one less knitting project, so be it. If you want to get the most out of your program, you need time to ponder and breathe in order to do something more than just drinking from the fire hose of knowledge. Processing what you’ve read takes time… and maybe lots of stockinette?!? Okay, my lecture’s over! When you do check in, it’s great. When you don’t, just remember your fans are all cheering for you.

  13. Hi Dana – just concentrate on your studies, your family, and your students. I was not expecting a post until Winter break ( but I do check your blog a couple times a week ). I’m so proud of you! Thank you, you fill my heart with joy.

  14. It sounds like you’re surviving your first year the same way everyone does, lots of hard work fit into a small amount of time in some miracle. I’m very impressed your able to maintain your full teaching load and grad school, and even fit in any blogging at all! And being able to fit garter stitch in with reading…lovely! Definitely a skill for me to work toward. The only way I was ultimately able to survive my first year of grad school (also at age 41!) was setting aside blocks of time for various activities, so I didn’t have to fill my mind with to do lists, if it was Saturday/Sunday I was grading/teaching prep…anything else waited until after the grading was done. Friday evenings were sacrosanct with no school work allowed. I’m now in year 5 and trying to figure out how to separate what I need to do now in the same way, since it’s all essentially research tasks, but finding myself very overwhelmed with it all.

  15. Good to hear from you- and mad respect for all of the plates you’ve got spinning! Can I also ask about those AMAZING glasses? They are so fun!

  16. I miss you, but keep up the good work teaching and learning!

  17. Study hardβ€”it will be so worthwhile. And, I’ll bet when you look at your study knitting, memories of what you were reading will pop up!

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