Love & Yarn

I have to tell you all how much I love my husband. I don’t show him often here on the blog unless he’s modeling something I made for him, but my husband is pretty awesome.

This guy is smart, funny (not as funny as he thinks he is, but funny), and one of the kindest people I know. He’s also my biggest cheerleader and is always encouraging me and supporting my dreams. He’s pretty great. He travels a bit for work and goes to far off places and when he’s gone I’m always off and it never seems quite right until he’s back home. This week he has been in India for work but on his way there he had a 7 hour layover in Amsterdam, a city he’d never been to before. When he was packing he asked me what he should do with that amount of time in Amsterdam. His yarn loving wife said, ‘oh you should go to Stephen and Penelope yarn shop and look at yarn, that’s what I’d do.’ Right? When I got up that morning he Facetime’d me from the airport and said guess where I went!?

He went to Stephen and Penelope for me!! And we hadn’t really talked about him going or if he did go what kind of yarn he’d get me. I honestly didn’t think he’d go because it’s not his thing. But he did tour the city on his own and decided to go to the shop. When he got to the shop he talked to the woman working there and it turns out…she knew who I was! She read the blog and followed me on Instagram and new Cher and Jellybean too. More importantly, she knew the kinds of things I liked to knit! My husband was floored that someone all the way in Amsterdam knew me.

My husband searched for a table in the airport to take a good picture of his first yarn haul for me. LOL He’s a keeper.

Kendell said whatever he bought needed to have green in it, so they settled on this lovely Undercover Otter yarn that has colors you can only get in Amsterdam. And she told him he needed to get me this adorable Brioche It Up, Pup pin. This just might be one of the sweetest things he’s done and he does lots of sweet little things for me. I decided I’m going to make the Sea Swell Shawl by Stephen West since it is his store, it just feels right. Plus, I’ve found that I really do love shawl knitting and it’s a good travel knit to carry with me all the time. I even showed him what I planned to make he said he’d wear it. LOL

We will be celebrating our 16th wedding anniversary in a couple of weeks and I’m just so lucky to have such a sweet and thoughtful man in my life. And I just thought the internet needed to know that.

55 Replies to “Love & Yarn”

  1. good men are hard to find, especially ones that buy yarn!! definitely a keeper for you

    1. He’s definitely a keeper! You are a lucky lady. 🥰

  2. My husband ALWAYS researches the yarn shop situation in whatever city we’re traveling to. We always visit them and surprise! I always find something!! This post is terrific as is your husband. He really is a keeper. (Went to Stephen & Penelope’s last summer. SUCH NICE PEOPLE and what a lovely, welcoming shop!!)

  3. Good Morning, Just had to add my comment that you two are so joyful and wonderful. Have been following a few months and love your sunny smile and your love for your family. Have a wonderful weekend. I’m going to my local yarn shop today.

  4. I’m dying; this is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever heard of, and I love that your husband found out you’re famous worldwide! 🙂 Bonus: The yarns and pin are 100% awesome.

    1. Super sweet! And a great choice of colors – perfect for that shawl. What would we do without our fiber enablers!

  5. First, Happy Anniversary. The picture you posted shows your love for each other, Second, that was so thoughtful (loving) to Visit a place that you like when he is thousands of miles away. This is TRUE LOVE!!! ❤️

    1. What a delight! I love that your DH did this… And that he can walk into a store in a totally new (to him) country and find someone who knows what kind of yarn to get you. There’s hope for the world when a smart, energetic couple who also happen to love and understand each other also get to be famous!!! Happy anniversary and best wishes for many more healthy, happy years together!

  6. What a guy! I love the pattern you chose for the yarn. Can’t wait to see it in progress. Happy Anniversary to both of you and thanks so much for the blog, Dana. You always make me smile.

  7. Awesome spouse! A few years ago when we were in Germany, I looked in vain for a local FYS in Berlin and Dresden. When got back home, my spouse took me on trip to Maine just so I could buy yarn from local producers. His idea! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing, especially I’m going to Amsterdam next month for a conference. I know where to go!!

  8. You are a very lucky woman. His sweetness come through in his picture. Congratulations

  9. What a wonderful thing for a husband to do! Although mine complains that I knit too much, this past weekend he asked me “Isn’t that wool thing this weekend? Why don’t you go?”, meaning the Maryland Sheep and Wool. I went Sunday afternoon. I have a keeper, too.

  10. That’s so awesome 🙂 he definitely sounds like a keeper (and the yarn is gorgeous) Hapoy Anniversary to you both! 🎉

  11. Congratulations and you’ve got yourself a keeper.

  12. Lovely photo of both of you. Your husband sounds like a great guy. Congratulations on your 16th anniversary! My husband and I celebrate out 39th next week.

  13. Such a good man, and what a great smile. Love the yarn and your choice of pattern. Congrats on your anniversary, in advance.

  14. This is just the best story and what a heartfelt tribute to your thoughtful husband. I love the photo of you two posted here. If that isn’t the very definition of light and love, I don’t know what is. So fun you are known worldwide now!

  15. I LOVE this! And now you’re going to finish your Seaswell and I’ve been working on it for a month and am still on the first yarn. 😀

  16. Oh, so happy for you!!! There is nothing better than having a wonderful, sweet, caring partner who knows what you want or like. My husband goes to yarn stores with me and helps research for yarns I can wear (skin sensitivity).

    I’ve been married to my sweet man for 10 years. I hope we both get to keep our knitting enablers for a long, long time.


  17. This is the sweetest post! You are so lucky to have such an awesome man!!! Congrats on 16 years of marriage!

  18. What an awesome husband!! Cheers to your 16th anniversary!

  19. You’ve got a good one! 🙂 And congratulations! I should add: how I knew my husband was a good husband of a knitter: he came back from the film Black Panther with our kids (loved it) and I had been home with our littlest one, and the first thing he said was, “I looked out for that green shawl you said you and everyone on Ravelry is excited about.” 🙂

  20. Oh my goodness!! A keeper, indeed! Give him a big ol’ hug and smooshy kiss! Clearly this is a man who understands his priorities — and you!

  21. Definitely “a keeper”! What a guy! 🙂

  22. You are very lucky! Although I have to say, he’s pretty lucky too! That is a great pattern you chose. Can’t wait to see it.

  23. What a cute story! You two are adorable… And that yarn – gorgeous!! May you have many MORE happy years of knitted bliss!

  24. I’m glad you two wonderful people found each other in this huge world.I hope you enjoy your upcoming anniversary!

    And how cool that people in Amsterdam knew your work!

  25. That made me cry! What a wonderful couple you both are.

  26. I enjoy your blog and I’m delighted to see this. I was at Stephen and Penelope today while visiting Amsterdam. I had Steven choose my yarn for me and I’m going to do the same shawl.

  27. That man is a keeper! Does he have a single way older brother?

  28. He’s pretty great, but he should have gotten one of those cute drawstring project bags! He done good , though!

  29. Aww… How sweet! He’s definitely a keeper! Happy anniversary!

  30. Thanks for sharing your so very sweet Hubby with us ! ! !
    Yes, without a doubt he’s a Keeper
    I love the photo of the both of you, very gorgeous couple ! !
    love ‘n hugs

  31. For starters…. Happy Mother’s Day! We are all out here nurturing someone or something. This whole story is heartwarming

  32. Love this so much. You two are such an amazing couple.

  33. Just when I thought husbands were allergic to listening you have renewed my faith in them. 😊 Thank you for sharing and I hope you enjoy your new yarn.

  34. Great husbands are awesome. I have one too. (And that Undercover Otter is awesome stuff. I brought some home from Stephen & Penelope last summer.)

  35. Congrats to you and Kendell! You have a good guy there and here’s to many, many more years!

  36. He’s a keeper. There are not that many men who would go into a yarn shop like that, get the perfect wool and a pin for their lovely wife. And doesn’t it feel great for you to find out how far your blog reaches. This comment comes from New Zealand

  37. What a great story! I’m so glad you guys have such a good relationship.

  38. Hi Dana Thank you for sharing the love, what a husband, a complete treasure. Knitting entwines us all. From Dee Why in Sydney Australia

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