Instant Gratification

I feel like I’m back on my knitting full speed ahead since I’ve put away my other projects that had deadlines. I separated for sleeves on my Allison cardigan and then when I cleaned up my craft room yesterday I decided it was time to also cast on something fun for summer. I settled on the Trefann Sweater, from the same collection my Carlisle Cardigan is from. And I decided to knit it in super bulky cotton!

Remember when I made my Malmo sweater and talked about how there was super bulky cotton yarn for folks in warmer climates? Well, I bit the bullet and ordered two of the big cones of Loopy Mango Big Cotton in this really lovely red to give it a try. It’s a little pricey so I am hoping it wears well, I’ll definitely report back. I don’t intend to make this as a long sleeve sweater, it will have short or three quarter length sleeves. But I have to say I love knitting from a massive cone of yarn and not having to add a new skein. I also love the airiness of this piece after I tried it on, I have a feeling I’m going to love wearing this over tank tops all summer. It’s super soft but sturdy yarn so far and I’m enjoying this knit. Also I started this yesterday afternoon and I’m almost finished. I’ve got papers to grade but yesterday was a day I took for myself to clean up my craft space, do some knitting and I still ended up doing a large chunk of work – but summer vacation is around the corner so I’m sucking it up. My craft room was a mess, so I spent a solid hour putting yarn away, organizing my needles and cleaning up.

Jellybean checking out my cleaning that she kept trying to distract me from doing.

I have entirely too much yarn and I don’t need to buy a single skein at Maryland Sheep and Wool next month…so I’m going to limit myself to only buy something that truly takes my breath away. I just don’t have the space for it and I’ve got so much knitting I want to do and need to use up what I’ve got already. Last year my big purchase was that very pretty swift in the picture, it really is a beauty. This year, I don’t have anything in mind that I want (maybe a fun project bag?) so I’m just going to stay open to the possibilities.

10 Replies to “Instant Gratification”

  1. I just had to buy this pattern. I, too, will probably shorten the sleeve length. Thanks for bringing this pattern to my attention.

  2. You know I always live vicariously through you at Maryland Sheep and Wool, so make sure we have fun!! LOL I’m thinking the project bag is a good idea, and we’d probably also like a really lovely skein of hand-dyed yarn–something small for a light shawl or for an accent on something bigger. Can’t wait to see what we get! 😉

  3. Love love LOVE that red you are using for the Trefann sweater!

  4. Oh I got one of those wonderful hurricane Swift’s at MDSAW two years ago. It is a pleasure to use.

    Like you, I have way too much yarn, and unlike you (apparently!) absolutely NO willpower so I am not allowing myself to go to MDSAW this year. (I indulged too much last year, then did so again at Rhinebeck, and then — despite telling myself otherwise — continued to buy even more yarn at Vogue Knitting Live in NY. So no yarn festivals for me this year, I’m afraid!)

    BTW, love your knitting storage boxes on the wall. Clever.

  5. I have so many tubs of yarn, they’re in the basement. I truly understand. Have a friend who has a 1000 sq ft craft room, how fortunate. I probably will never knit it all. My husband said I’m a yarn addict. Before I was a fabric hoarder. The red top looks like a great red. I’ll be out the end of the month for the local yarn shop event. Have to restrain myself. Need to only take CASH. Yes, love the storage boxes on the wall a great idea.

  6. You always have such great projects!!! Always look forward to your posts.Your beautiful smile lifts my day 🙂

  7. Hi Dana, happy Easter! Can you tell me where you bought your yarn Swift? It’s beautiful.

  8. I am so jealous you have a spot to leave your swift and baller out! I also love those bins – you can see the colors through them. I’d have constant start-itis if my yarn was out in view like that. 🙂

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