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The other week a writer, Alexandra Lange, reached out to me via Instagram and asked if I’d mind answering a few questions about knitting for the New Yorker. In my head I thought, ‘that sounds super fancy – why not?’ She emailed me some questions and we set up a time for a call. And on Monday, this article came out.
New Yorker article

Some of you already commented or messaged me about it but I thought I’d share it here too. I was surprised to get quoted as much as I was but I also had a really great conversation with Alexandra. AND I’m hoping to see her with a finished knit sweater by the end of the year (I did suggest she try a Winston pullover – I’m totally making myself one since I made the last one for my friend).

And for other things to share…I saw this adorable video from Pixar in a billion places since it was posted and had to share. Check the video below, it’s too cute to not watch.

12 Replies to “Things to Share”

  1. I am a fan! I love your fun and informative blog, follow your recommendations, and will soon start a Winston of my own. I love the New Yorker too, so what fun to find you inside Alexandra Lange’s article!

  2. One of my earliest memories is my mom trying to distract me with toys so she could read her New Yorker in peace! You for sure did a great job on the interview, Dana. And you brought back some sweet, funny memories of Mom, who was a ferocious sock knitter in her day.

    I’ve never been one for bulky yarns, but a few weeks ago I took a spinning class and… guess what? All of a sudden I’ve got all this fat, fluffy, beautiful yarn to play with! They call it beginner’s yarn because it’s lumpy and uneven, but all I could see was Winston in my future. Thanks for another great suggestion.

    1. HAHAHA everyone has asked if Cher is jealous and I told them it’s ok to let her little sister have the spotlight. Cher shies away from the camera more and more.

  3. Purl knits ALMOST as fast as you do, DWJ!!!! I loved it, it was REALLY cute!

  4. Always love your posts. ❣️🌟

  5. When I saw the New Yorker article I felt like my worlds were colliding. What fun to see you quoted and she could not have reached out to a better ambassador for knitters! I guess your crazy year is going to continue.

  6. Hi!
    It’s so cool that you were interviewed for the New Yorker. It’s a good article even though she left out Cher!

    I also enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing it!

  7. Fun to see you in the New Yorker – that’s great! And thank you for sharing Purl! I hadn’t seen it elsewhere and it’s great! Here’s to a world that’s good for purls!

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