FO: Party Top Sweater

First, there was TONS of great advice in the comments on my post about frogging. I’m going to try to pull it all together into one blog post. Now remember in that same post I was talking about a sweater I had to frog back and now I’m sharing the finished piece! This is the Party Top sweater.
Party Top Sweater
I think I’m falling in love with cropped sweaters. Instead of the fuller cropped silhouette like my Boxed Pullover, this one has a more fitted shape. I decided to knit this one with a strand of Neighborhood Fiber Company Loft yarn, a lace weight mohair yarn and a strand of Berroco Vintage DK in Breezeway from my stash. I’ve heard that mohair can be itchy and make a sweater overwhelmingly hot. I don’t feel like this is itchy at all, it’s super soft. I think because it’s cropped and has shorter sleeves it isn’t an overwhelmingly hot sweater either. Maybe it’s a perfect type of sweater to knit with mohair.

Party Top Sweater
I love the mohair haze on this sweater.

I will admit, if I had more yarn I probably would’ve made it an inch longer but I only had enough to get it to the specified length which is fine with me. I was able to pair it with a couple of of different tops and skirts/pants combos in my wardrobe, so it will work. And I really love the texture the mohair gives and then the added bits of color it gave to what would’ve been just a solid colored sweater make this a little special. Now I’m going to want to add a strand of mohair to everything. LOL
Party Top Sweater
I’ve really been looking at my stash and what I want to make and what gaps I have in my wardrobe. I have four works in progress that I’ve been letting hang out for a bit (and may for a little longer) and I cast on a lovely Balloon Cardigan on Saturday in a gorgeous deep red orange. I’ve been wanting something with a dramatic sleeve and this is definitely it. I’ve also been thinking about things my sisters have wanted me to make them so I’ve been going over the perfect patterns to make them something special this year. I’m excited about knitting and clearly all my productivity is showing my excitement. What are you excited to be making right now? 

25 Replies to “FO: Party Top Sweater”

  1. I’m making Range by Andrea Mowry. I’ve just learned brioche so this is the perfect pattern because the brioche is interspersed with other textures. I think I’ll be looking at brioche patterns now-it’s so fun!

  2. I am working on my first project with mohair. 🙂 Slice of Light by Sosu holds one strand of fingering with one strand of mohair. It’s addicting. So soft. So fuzzy. ❤ Also working up a Hoarfrost by Andrea Mowry in two gorgeous shades of Spirit Trail Fiberworks.

  3. You look gorgeous in that sweater! Love the cropped look on you!

  4. WOW, your sweater is gorgeous! I like the addition of the mohair, too. I don’t have any projects planned. My goals this year is to learn brioche and double knitting. I will send you pics of my projects (if I am able to grasp the techniques).

  5. I’ve been hunting for the perfect cropped sweater pattern. I have the yarn for it but couldn’t quite find one simple enough but with the flattering details I needed. I think this is it.

    I currently have Joji’s Old Romance on the the needles and I am making it out of mink and alpaca so I feel very fancy. I’m only on the sleeve inset panels for now but enjoying the knit so much.

  6. WOW!! Your PARTY is gorgeous 😍
    I’m excited to start my first sweater; top down, in the round! Pattern by Jennifer Wood called Fall River in a beautiful yarn called Hektos. It’s merino, cashmere, and silk-oo la la!!!

  7. I’m excited to work on my green and blue scarf, because it’s a better use for the yarns than the lace shawl that I was knitting.

  8. I’m still working on finishing the Stephen West Texture Time shawl from the MKAL in the fall! But my goal this year is to make a sweater. I’ve been following you for awhile now and you have inspired me. I knit about 1% your speed but I think I can do it. If I start in April maybe I can finish in time for fall? 😀

  9. Wow, that sweater is so flattering on you! I am in awe at how quickly you finish sweaters. It’s great because you provide such great inspiration.

  10. Gorgeous sweater, Dana….very slimming. Working on a shawl for me – old shale shawl – I’ve made some for others, but the first one for me. Looking forward to your next project.

  11. Currently finishing up a simple sweater for one of my fur babies, inspired by your MDK post. Then I was going to CO a Pop Crop Cardi by Ambah O’Brien as I have some lovely Plucky Traveler DK that I have been hoarding but not I am thinking I might have to make this Party Top. Oy … decisions decisions

    1. The Pop Crop is a new to me pattern but I like it! It’s another one that I could use to do some stash busting with my dk weight.

  12. You are so stylish! Love, love the sweater! I’m itching to cast on the Home Sweet Home kimono by Tina Tse. It’s going to be a beautiful piece and a great stashbuster… Good combo!

  13. I’m not a fan of mohair (on me), but this is so pretty!

    I’m working on a Fireside Pullover in a soft gray. It’s a very simple stockinette body, and I’m adding just a little interest with a zig-zagging cable down the left breast/side. I’m thinking my next sweater will be a longer/tunic-length cardigan, somewhat oversized, with pockets – haven’t picked a pattern yet, though.

  14. GOR-GGEEEEOOOOUUUSSSS!!! And it looks absolutely WONDERFUL on you!!! Very slimming! Great compliment to what you’re wearing 🙂 I LOVE it! Great job, DWJ!

  15. I love following you, your color choices are so much what I would pick, and I think you always pair things in such a happy and beautiful way. That being said, following you is also so very dangerous because you introduce me to so many things I want to make and buy! Our tastes are too similar that I am often thinking, yes she is right that is perfect and I need one as well!!!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration and also darn it for being such wonderful inspiration.

    Sometimes I won’t read your emails announcing a new post for a few days because I KNOW I’m probably going to end up wanting to buy a new pattern or yarn after seeing the magical knitting you have done.

    I love knowing I have a yarnie knit hero to look to for ideas on what to knit next!

  16. You’ve really made a art sweater! I love it! Very inspiring!

  17. I love the halo on the sweater!💖 I love the shape and the texture on the sleeves. I’m gathering courage to wear shorter sweaters and not worry about my body so much. You look wonderful

  18. That is so cute, and the color combo is lovely. 🙂 I’m looking forward to knitting a Soirée (Emily Foden) for my teenage daughter. It’s been a while since I knit a sweater (unlike you.)

  19. Your new sweater looks great! I like the subtle halo the mohair gives it, and also the slight textured stitching on the sleeves – lovely!
    Right now, I’m excited to get working on a gansey!

  20. I just love the outfits that you put together with your hand knits! I wish I had the confidence and the fashion sense to do the same! You should seriously consider writing a book on incorporating hand knits into your wardrobe. I would just love that. 💜

  21. I love that you want to add a strand of mohair to everything – I’ve done it often and still enjoy it every time!

  22. Right now I’m working on a February Lady Sweater, and am pretty excited about it. I’ve also been procrastinating on the finishing of one of Ann Budd’s basic brioche sweaters, which is dumb because I’m really, really excited about wearing it when it’s done, and just dislike the finishing process.

    I want to start on a pair of Aragorn socks later today.

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