Monthly Review: January 2019

It’s February, which means I’m looking back at what I was able to accomplish in January. I was pretty darn productive and January was a hell of a month for me all around.
January 2019 FOs
Here’s what I was able to finish in the month of January:

  • Susan’s Wonder Woman Hat. I feel like I go to brioche as my in between, it’s like it helps me reset from a project. I’m itching to knit more brioche and am going back and forth on the color palette I want for a Plumpy shawl. Who knew I’d love a good shawl but they come in handy.
  • A Matching Set for Steven and Sophie. I love this dog sweater and matching hat combo so much. And so do the recipients. That makes it all totally worth it.
  • 3 Sweaters in one month! Not bad if I do say so myself and a great way to kick off 2019. This month I finished:
    • Party Top sweater. I’ve stepped into the land of mohair and I love it.
    • Boxed Pullover. I’ve fallen hard for cropped sweaters, you will see more in the future.
    • Winston Pullover. I made this one for a friend but the yarn was on sale last week and for $28 I was able to pick up a sweater quantity to make one for myself in a fun blue with a rainbow of color through it. And I think Jane Richmond is going to do a knitalong on this one and it’s such a quick knit.

In addition to all the projects, I was featured on the Ravelry blog as the first Human of Ravelry. And I shared my formula for how I knit dog sweaters with colorwork on the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog. It has been fun to get all of the emails, comments, and messages from everyone and all the new readers to the blog! A pretty great start to January and I have more to come in February! Not a bad way to start off my year. How has your January been so far?

16 Replies to “Monthly Review: January 2019”

  1. I need to get busy OR busier-3 sweaters AND accessories!

  2. You rock, Dana! And you inspire me, for sure!

    So far I’ve made four pairs of fingerless mitts as gifts, a pair of mitten liners for myself, a number of washcloths for emergency gifts, and I’m almost halfway finished with a pullover full of lace panels and (sigh!) moss stitch. (It.will.keep.the.longwool.from.stretching.out!)
    And it’s in a color I don’t usually wear, so I’m stepping out bravely!

    Hope you’re staying warm!

  3. Wow! How do you keep all of this together without confusion? Love all the FOs.

  4. I appreciate so much that you summarize what you’ve achieved along the way. Your year-end rundown was beautifully described, and what an inventory of knitting accomplishments!! Celebration and documentation at the same time, I really love that. What a joy it is to have you knitting and blogging. Yours is an empowering voice and I’m very grateful for your presence online. And for the opportunity to see your sweet dogs!

  5. Your projects are fantastic. Your monthly reports just astonish me. What you manage to knit in a month is pretty much more than I knit in a year! Crazy! Your sweaters look amazing on you and what fun to see how happy the recipients of your knitting are. You sure were busy in January🙂 best wishes for a wonderful February!

  6. Congratulations on your January! It’s because of you I am thinking differently about my knitting and what I accomplish, and I am OK with not always having the instant gratification that comes with smaller projects. I’ve banged out two sweaters in January! And I love wearing them. Happy new year.

  7. Well, I got my copy of Cocoknits Sweater Workshop, and inspired by you and others in my Instagram feed, I am encouraged to start my very own sweater soon!!! Your sweaters look amazing!!!

  8. Al I can say is WOWEE WOW! I was excited about finishing a pair of socks, a 101″ scarf for my brother, two Barbie dresses and a half a Norwegian mitten. I am inspired. Shared on FB cause you have to hold some kind of record for most accomplished in a single month, let alone your total for last year. Oh my.

  9. You had a GREAT yarn-y January! Wow. Such beautiful (and fun!) projects. You’re an inspiration. 🙂

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