FO: Party Top Sweater

First, there was TONS of great advice in the comments on my post about frogging. I’m going to try to pull it all together into one blog post. Now remember in that same post I was talking about a sweater I had to frog back and now I’m sharing the finished piece! This is the Party Top sweater.
Party Top Sweater
I think I’m falling in love with cropped sweaters. Instead of the fuller cropped silhouette like my Boxed Pullover, this one has a more fitted shape. I decided to knit this one with a strand of Neighborhood Fiber Company Loft yarn, a lace weight mohair yarn and a strand of Berroco Vintage DK in Breezeway from my stash. I’ve heard that mohair can be itchy and make a sweater overwhelmingly hot. I don’t feel like this is itchy at all, it’s super soft. I think because it’s cropped and has shorter sleeves it isn’t an overwhelmingly hot sweater either. Maybe it’s a perfect type of sweater to knit with mohair.

Party Top Sweater
I love the mohair haze on this sweater.

I will admit, if I had more yarn I probably would’ve made it an inch longer but I only had enough to get it to the specified length which is fine with me. I was able to pair it with a couple of of different tops and skirts/pants combos in my wardrobe, so it will work. And I really love the texture the mohair gives and then the added bits of color it gave to what would’ve been just a solid colored sweater make this a little special. Now I’m going to want to add a strand of mohair to everything. LOL
Party Top Sweater
I’ve really been looking at my stash and what I want to make and what gaps I have in my wardrobe. I have four works in progress that I’ve been letting hang out for a bit (and may for a little longer) and I cast on a lovely Balloon Cardigan on Saturday in a gorgeous deep red orange. I’ve been wanting something with a dramatic sleeve and this is definitely it. I’ve also been thinking about things my sisters have wanted me to make them so I’ve been going over the perfect patterns to make them something special this year. I’m excited about knitting and clearly all my productivity is showing my excitement. What are you excited to be making right now? 


Stitching Status: It’s Okay to Frog It

Although I am fast, I am not a perfect knitter. And almost every project I work on teaches me something new. I think that’s one of the things I love about knitting, there’s always something to learn. A new cast-on, a new stitch pattern, a new construction method, a new fiber…the list could go on forever. My latest works in progress is the Party Top sweater (I told you I’m trying to clear out my stash and this is a perfect stash buster for some of my leftover dk weight). I decided since it was a simple dk weight sweater that I could try something new, adding in a strand of mohair!
I’ve been seeing mohair a lot lately, I’ve been curious so I took my Fibre Space gift card my Mom gave me for Christmas and picked up two skeins of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Loft a silk and mohair lace weight yarn to add to the sweater. I initially thought I was going to add this mohair to a white speckled yarn but when I pulled out a skein of Berroco Vintage DK in Breezeway from my stash it seemed like it was a better way to let the mohair yarn really shine and I was right. If you want to see a bit of what the blue green yarn looked like on its own check out my Pippi Sweater. So what did I learn with this project?
That frogging back is sometimes very necessary and that mohair isn’t easy to rip back. It’s delicate and can get tangled but if you have a little patience you can make it work.  The top picture is when I was close to what I thought would be the end of my raglan increases but the initial instructions and chart threw me for a loop…so I ended up ripping back to the neckline and starting over. And now, it’s smooth sailing. And I have to say I’m proud of myself because I ripped all the way back to the neckline ribbing and was able to get it all back on my needles. Years ago I would have just started all over again. With time and patience you learn how to do better.

What have you learned from a knitting project? Maybe something you learned can help someone else too!