November 2018 FO’s

It’s December! And after this week of finals I’ve got winter break until January. I’m so excited to have a bit of time to prep for the new year and to be lazy and knit and catch up on reading.
November FO
But let’s talk about what I was able to accomplish in November, shall we? It was a pretty productive month!

I honestly can’t believe that 2018 is almost over! What were you able to finish in November?

4 Replies to “November 2018 FO’s”

  1. I am LOVING that Brioche hat!!! I think that’s my fav November piece 😉 It’s a good thing that November only has 30 days or God knows just how many MORE pieces you would’ve knit! 😉

  2. Thank you for the hat idea for my husband. He tends to be particular about his hats. I finished socks and two woven scarves.

  3. Your productivity is amazing!!! I wish I had knit this much in November— I wouldn’t be doing this mad dash right now!!!

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