FO: Windschief

This is a hat. Specifically, this is the Windschief hat by West Knits. I made this hat for my husband two weeks ago. Thankfully I took this picture of it before he got home. Why? Because I haven’t seen it since I gave it to him. Let me explain…
At the beginning of the month my husband made a request for two hats, one grey and one black. He wanted them short so there wasn’t a brim, fitted like another hat he had and preferably with a cable. I opted out of the cable because I kind of hate them. He also wanted to go to the yarn shop with me to pick out the yarn. He picked out Spud and Chloe Sweater in a lovely deep heathered grey and a black. Did I mention to you guys how particular he is? And since he never makes requests when he does I take them seriously.

So I settled on the Windschief because I’ve made it before and since he wasn’t getting a cable, I wanted the hat to have some interest and texture. I whipped it up on a weekend while he was playing golf, showed it to him and asked him to try it on before I blocked and then I never saw it again. He’s worn it every day since. And since he gets home before me by the time I get home to photograph him he’s stripped down from his cute work clothes. So this is all you will see of his hat and I’m not mad because at least I know he likes it and it’s serving its purpose. Maybe by the time I knit the black one I’ll get him to pose for some pics for me. Fingers crossed.

16 Replies to “FO: Windschief”

  1. LOL! it sounds like KJ just knows what he likes, hahaha! It IS a very good looking hat and the yarn was a great choice! Well done, DWJ!

  2. I love the Windschief hat! As you noted, it takes what is a simple beanie and adds a lot of interest. I made mine in an orangey colorway called “January Thaw” by Good Karma Yarns. Also made a long squishy cowl to match. I will make my next Windschief a bit longer to accomodate my large head. I am always tugging at it to keep my ears covered.
    I like the darker colorway that your husband picked out. Hmmm-an idea for my two adult nephews for the holidays!

  3. Perfect work in every step of the way! The “disappearance” prooves it!

  4. Sounds like you made your husband the perfect hat! I’m working on this same pattern for my son in yarn by Orange Flower yarn in the Asteroid colorway. Good, quick knit.

  5. Looks great! I love knitting pretty much anything Stephen West designs. He hits that sweet spot in between ‘tedious and too easy’ and ‘frustrating and too hard every time’!

  6. The highest praise a knitter can get! I made my sweetheart a similar hat a few winters ago (only with cables, because I like them!) to wear under his bicycle helmet, and I don’t think I’ve seen it again since. 😀

  7. I knit this in Navy for my nephew as a Christmas gift this year. I really like the way it looks. Hope my nephew will like it as much as your husband does! I like the look of cables but I also really don’t care to knit them…..

  8. Whoa! I love that pattern, and you’ve done a great job with it. Off to Ravelry to favorite that pattern. I’ve used Spud and Chloe sweater and love it. That gray color is gorgeous!

  9. I just made this for my husband a marled grey. He loves it! It is now his favorite hat. I liked it too. So i knit another in turquoise for me. I see more of them in other colors in my future.

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