Stitching Status: Tiny Tecumseh

I decided in the middle of knitting my rainbow Tecumseh sweater that the dogs need to have coordinating ones too. Why not?
I started on this late Monday night and I could’ve finished it last night but decided to work on a few other things instead. This was her second fitting. She was not pleased when I woke her up late to try it on the first time.
Look at that disgust in her eyes. LOL I make these tiny dog sweaters because they make me so happy. I decided since my sweater will be navy that the girls would have lighter contrasting sweaters but still with multiple colored stripes. Jellybean’s main color is lavender and I think Cher’s will be a pale blue and I’ll start with the lower colors of the rainbow on hers.
Now I can’t wait to finish all three so we can take a picture together. It might get framed if it turns out really well because how could hand knits, rainbows and my dogs not make me smile?

22 Replies to “Stitching Status: Tiny Tecumseh”

  1. You’re knitting color choices and your dogs make me happy!!

  2. Every time I see your dogs in their sweaters it makes me want to rescue an old Chihhuahua so I can knit it sweaters that match mine. Never mind I have two dogs and a cat in a smallish apartment. They are so cute.

  3. Omg you are just so real and amazing! If I could only knit faster I’d do the same for my 2 dogs and 3 kids. Keep it up! Made my morning!

  4. I can almost see Jellybean thinking of a sinister plot to get back at you for waking her up! Too funny! Thanks for the smile this morning and I hope you have a great day! Looking forward to seeing the picture of the three of you in your new sweaters!

  5. Hand kits, rainbows, and your dogs make me smile, too! Thanks for the sweet start to my day.

  6. I think she is thinking-Really, you woke me up for ANOTHER sweater…..😊

  7. I can’t wait to see all three of you modeling them!

  8. Your dog sweaters always make me so happy, especially when they are mini versions of your own sweaters!

  9. Thank you so much for sharing, your puppies make me smile too :))
    Can’t wait to see pics in the FOs

  10. Too adorable Dana! You always put a bright spot in my day!

  11. I absolutely love your designs, knit’s, doggies and your awesome sense of humour! It puts a smile on my face when I read your writings and view your photos. Thank you for making making this fan smile and giving me inspiration for my own knits!

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