Juggling Projects

On Friday I agreed to another test knit. That now makes 6 projects I have on my needles (if you’re keeping count that’s Guthrie, Blocks Blanket, Rainbow Tecumseh, Tiny Tecumseh and a gift for my Mom). Am I crazy? Perhaps. Am I happy? Helllllll yeah!
This is one of the yarns I’ll be using in my brioche test knit I’ll share next month, it’s a good one. And I’m down to the last color of my rainbow for the body of my rainbow Tecumseh! Although I’m considering making it longer and adding two more colors but I need to finish my sleeves to see how much yarn I’ve got left and if that’s possible. And since I’ve got people starting the Tecumseh knitalong even now I’m happy to slowly work through it.
And did I mention that my mother gave me enough of a hint to know that she wants me to knit her something for her birthday? LOL Yeah, she isn’t subtle and her birthday is in early October. I’ve cast on something I think she will absolutely love AND it doubles as a great commuting project. I don’t have anything intricate to memorize and can just blindly knit for 30 minutes.
But I’ve got lots of time on my hands, a traveling husband and two dogs that are more than willing to snuggle me while I knit.
I think I’m going to be able to knock out some really fun projects in the next few weeks! What about you? What are you working on?

6 Replies to “Juggling Projects”

  1. You inspire me. I’ve never done a test knit but I’d like to in the future. I’m knitting a Timothy Ridge Shawl and every other row it increases by 3 St so gets longer to get across the width. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.

  2. Inspiration is right! I’m in a sweater frenzy knitting for several children—all close family friends. Six finished and only four more to go!

  3. I hope to test knit Krystal. I emailed Ewe Ewe for pattern. Nice sweatshirt style fair isle. I did finish a Tecumseh ( so happy I used stash yarn I thought I’d never use and first time using needles smaller than 7’s) and almost done with a Humulus. Your pups are totally edible:)

  4. I said it already but I’ll say it AGAIN, that yarn for your test knit is GOR-GEOUS!!!! I can’t wait to see the FO! 🙂

  5. I just finished the Kraii mitts from Marlisle, and I’m trying to finish up Azami, a spring/fall knit for next year. In the meantime, I’m thinking about trying to whip something up for a friend’s child and starting another sweater. Hah! The fun never ends!

  6. Oh my gosh. The cuteness. How could you ever deny that little face anything? 🙂 Also, looking forward to seeing the knits.

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