Test Knit: Pippi Sweater

I finally get to reveal that test knit I was working on in July! The Pippi pullover pattern by Rebekka Mauser has been released and it’s part of the Fisherman’s Blues collection.
Test Pippi
I have wanted to knit more pullovers for myself so when the opportunity to test knit this one came along I was happy to volunteer. And of course I had to put my own spin on it. Instead of keeping all the stripes the same I decided to change my stripes every 4th row and to reverse the colors on the sleeves than what I did on the body. Why not?
Test Pippi
This is a top down sweater but I feel like it’s also kind of a modified drop shoulder. You have a lot of opportunity to play with color and she gives you options to also make this in a cardigan version. It’s like getting two patterns in one! I also want to adapt this and make a tiny version for Cher and Jellybean, I’ve got enough leftover yarn.
Test Pippi
I choose a more autumnal color palette for this one. I love blue and peach together so I decided to use Berroco Vintage DK in Fondant (peach), Pumpkin (rust) and Breezeway (blue-green). I really like how this yarn washes up. I toss it in the washing machine on delete cycle and let it air dry. It washes up beautifully.
I love playing around with color palettes and this was just such a unique color combo I went for it. I honestly can’t wait for cooler fall days to wear some of these great sweaters I’ve been working on lately. My latest test knit is down to the sleeves! I’m hoping to wrap it up this week.

18 Replies to “Test Knit: Pippi Sweater”

  1. OMG!! It turned out sssooo well!! It looks great! And the sleeves were an inspiration, what a great idea to reverse the striping! It looks great! And the colors suit YOU sooooo well, DWJ!!! 🙂

  2. Awesome-love the colors-the kids will look so cute in theirs.

  3. Wow!! Beautiful! After reading this post I went right to Ravelry and bought the pattern. As I have commented before, you are REALLY an inspiration!!

  4. I love that sweater–everything about it. The colors are perfect and it looks great on you. I am so ready for fall–95 humid degrees here today.

  5. Love the colors and it has an interesting construction. Went to Rav and saw the matching Jellyfish sweaters – human and fur baby – swoon

  6. Oh, you knocked it out of the ballpark this time too, Dana. In fact, I think your switching the stripe colors on the sleeves is brilliant. It cuts the horizontal lines and I think it makes the pattern more interesting and more flattering for those of us who are more round. 😊 I, too, bought the pattern.

  7. This is gorgeous! You have a great eye for color. I love the inverse-striped sleeves.

  8. Ditto to all of the above. It looks great on you and, once again, the way you play with color is an inspiration!

  9. I love your colour combination- it’s just lovely!

  10. It looks wonderful on and the colors really suit you.

  11. The sweater is really pretty and I like the change in the sleeves. I’m a seamstress and I do the same thing with fabric. You did a fabulous job. Happy Knitting

    1. I really, really wish I was better at sewing. My grandmother was a seamstress and taught my Dad how to knit and he taught me and I can do the basics but the inside is always a mess. LOL

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