Currently in the Queue: Spring Things

Jellybean’s polite way of asking me to stop knitting and start playing fetch.

After how slow January and February were I feel like March has FLOWN by me in a blur. How is it almost April?! And why are they talking about the possibility of snow next week? I’m ignoring Mother Nature right now and just knitting so I thought I’d give you an update on my queue. Here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • FINISHED: A tie for my friend Ayo. Friends of ours are flying in to town today for the holiday and my friend Ayo has repeatedly asked me for a knit tie. I know he’d wear it and love it so I whipped it up over the last few days. Details and pics on that next week.
  • IN PROGRESS: Carbeth for my cousin (a peek of the color in the pic above). I’m almost finished with the main portion of the body. It will just be button bands and collar this weekend but I’m also playing it fast and loose with a game of yarn chicken. Fingers crossed I make this work.
  • ANTICIPATING: Tecumseh. My yarn has shipped! I plan on swatching in a different color this weekend so I can just dive right in when it comes. I’m so excited!
  • ON HOLD: My spring jacket. She’s been sitting in a bag zipped up until I have more time. I’ve just got other things tickling my fancy right now and since I ordered a new Mac for the rainy, chilly spring this isn’t as big a priority. But it will be nice for fall for sure so it will definitely get done.

So that’s what I’m working on in my world of knitting, what about you?

3 Replies to “Currently in the Queue: Spring Things”

  1. I’m headed to Nashville this weekend and bringing two knitting projects (Squall and Brae Cove tunic) and plan on stitching together and finishing my Anna vest while there. Whew! Oh yeah, and I plan to visit a LYS while there…

  2. I’m getting excited about a Tecumseh KAL! But, before I start: I’ve never knitted a yoked sweater before. Lots of raglans and set-in sleeves, but I’ve avoided yokes. The few yoked sweaters I’ve bought have always ended up not fitting well in the shoulders — too tight above the bust, too loose around the neck! Any pointers on planning ahead for fit?

    1. Circular yokes do have an interesting fit. For the neck, look at the stitches cast-on and you can always do a provisional cast-on if you want to go back and tighten it up a bit.

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