Stitching Status: Smaller Things

First thanks everyone for great stranded knitting/colorwork tips! I really appreciate your help and suggestions. I’m excited to dive in even deeper and really see where I can take my love of color.

I told you guys I put aside my bigger sweater and have been working on hats lately. I’m going to pick my Kangarullover back up in February but I’m just not in the mood for it right now and I’m plotting out a lovely cardigan for my Mom too but right now hats and maybe a cowl or two in the future will be on my needles.
sparkly brioche
Right now I’ve been working on the Beezee hat to really get my brioche skills better. I think I’m loving brioche because the color possibilities are endless. This is a dk weight hat knit on size 4 needles (I never swatch hats, I’m too lazy). So I dug into my stash and pulled out a very old skein of Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sport (they don’t make this base anymore) in a lovely teal color called Rock Creek Park and paired it with the leftover Blue Heron Rayon Metallic yarn I had leftover from my very first the Rain Outside shawl. I loved the metallic sparkle (I enhanced it a bit with an app to show off the sparkliness) and had hoped to use it again at some point. I was initially thinking I was going to give it to a friend when I was finished and then I thought…nah, this is going to be too good so I’m keeping it for myself. LOL Isn’t that the beauty of knitting?

Tread by Shannon Cook via Ravelry
Tread by Shannon Cook via Ravelry

The other hat I’m about to start is for one of my closest girlfriends who will be in town this week. I am going to give a new hat a go and try Tread from Within Knits. I bought my girlfriend EJ one of the leopard pom poms like on my hat I knit at the end of December becase she reminded me she’s a Jersey girl who loves all things leopard. So I’m digging out some camel colored Cascade 220 Superwash out of my stash from my yet to be unravelved Flaum cardigan to knit her a hat meant for a fur pom. I’m also thinking about cowls. I like them a lot for the windy times of year and spring when you’re wearing a light jacket but want to keep the chill away. My sister Helen loves her Bandana Cowl and I saw that there’s a brioche version by Lavanya Patricella.

Worsted Brioche Bandana Cowl by Lavanya Patricella
Worsted Brioche Bandana Cowl by Lavanya Patricella via Ravelry

So I may buy this pattern and make one for myself and both of my sisters just so I can keep up the cool color combinations of brioche knitting. And I’m also looking at stranded knitting cowls too to work on those skills. I’ll also take suggestions too.

So what are you working on currently? Share!

11 Replies to “Stitching Status: Smaller Things”

  1. It’s time for smaller things… hang to it! Our desires, strenght, willpower, stamina, etc. flow in waves and we should listen to ourselves as you are listening now, I believe. Nevertheless your “smaller things” are only small in size. Didn’t have the courage to face Brioche knitting yet. The Brioche Bandana Cowl looks awesome! Maybe… a 2018 project…?

    1. I honestly didn’t decide to tackle brioche until I saw a pattern I really loved (a vest I made for my sister in November). I say wait until your brain tells you it’s time!

  2. Socks! Small, portable, and I’m making one out of each end of the skein, so no second-sock syndrome. Yet. I’m re-evaluating the knit-for-others policy. May just throw caution to the wind and start making my own stuff first!

    1. I’m all about making for me first. LOL This hat was really going to be for someone else and then I thought ‘she is so not going to appreciate the sparkle or the effort put into this. Nope, I’m keeping it.’

  3. I’m really trying to be focused, but there are all these KALs that keep popping up! (Carbeth by Kate Davies, for instance, or the mini KAL with Karen Templer’s log cabin mitts, etc.). Right now I’m making “logs” for my #fringeandfriendslogalong and working on the Brooklyn Tweed pattern Squall for the ladyfriend. Really am eyeing a few other projects, but hopefully I’ll be done with both of these by the end of this month.

    1. I’m doing my best to ignore KALs and just focus on techniques I’ve been avoiding. But I did just agree to do a test knit for a designer I love so hopefully that helps me get my mojo back a little.

  4. That bandana cowl is really cool; I recently faved the pattern to my Ravelry bundle and created a brioche one. I need to work on my sweater and maybe this bear kit as STITCHES West is coming up in 28 days.

    1. Oooh I hope you’re going to write about Stitches West, I love seeing what all the shows are about.

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