FO: Inspired by Beanie Beanie

I designed a hat!
Beanie Beanie
Last month when I was knitting Jellybean’s Rosco sweater I feel in love with the main stitch used for the body, the right twist stitch.
When she was laying in my lap wearing her sweater I kept saying ‘I really love this stitch pattern, I should make a hat out of this.’ So I did! Look at those stitches, aren’t they just yummy?!
Beanie Beanie
The previous day when I was out running errands with my husband I saw this post on Fibre Space’s Instagram account and noticed there were small leopard printed faux fur pom poms in the pic. I love a good tiny dose of animal print. I had to have one and I said it out loud and my sweet husband said, ‘well, we’re close to Fibre Space if you want me to stop.’ I love that man. He stopped but what was hilarious was that he had already been to Fibre Space twice to buy my Christmas gift (a camo print Field Bag, some enamel pins for it and a gift card). And when I grabbed a pom pom I happened to see some perfectly matching camel color Woolfolk yarn, Luft near the register that told me it needed to also come with me so I picked up two skeins. I will admit, I’d wanted to try out the yarn but it’s a little expensive so I was happier to just buy two skeins with a purpose.
Beanie Beanie
Since Luft is a bulky weight yarn and is a super soft blend of cotton and merino wool I wanted to do something a little slouchy and fun. I figured out the match to do a hat with the right twist stitch and then did the crown in garter stitch.
Beanie Beanie
I love the final outcome. Now my only question is, would anyone else be interested in me writing up this pattern? I was thinking of making a hat for my cousin and working out the pattern again and I’d probably want someone else to test it for me too. Let me know if you’d be interested in the pattern or helping to test it out!

25 Replies to “FO: Inspired by Beanie Beanie”

  1. dana, you amaze me with your talent!! I love the pattern and would def love to buy it!!! let me know when I can do that please

  2. Love the hatπŸ˜πŸ‘. I would be honored to do the test knit project.

  3. Love it! Perfect color and pom on top. Happy to test knit,& maybe play around with ribbing (1:1 or something to blend right into stitch pattern).I am gentemfa on Ravelry-located down here in Hillsborough,NC.

    1. Yeah the ribbing is what I wanted to play with for the next version…I will definitely keep you in mind πŸ™‚

  4. I’ve never tested a pattern before… but would love to! Do you already have more volunteers than you need?

  5. Yes! Please share the pattern… my daughter goes to college on the east coast and I can’t knit her and her friends enough cute hats!

    1. Yeah it is super cold on the east coast right now. I’m wearing all the wool I can πŸ˜‚

  6. I was flipping though your post on my phone, and my daughters (13 and 11) both stopped and said, “Oh! I like that hat!” I have shown them your blog in the past, and they really enjoy your posts, especially those with your dogs. They know you as “The Happy Lady”, which makes me smile.
    Though I’ve never done it before, I’d be honored to test knit it for you! I definitely have knit-worthy recipients.

    1. Awwww I love that I’m the happy lady! And I’ll keep you posted on test knitting.

  7. Love the hat and the pom-pom! Count me in for a test knit, please?

  8. Love the stitch, the pattern, the hat on YOU!! And your husband! And your blog!! And the way you crack me up: “I love a good tiny dose of animal print.” 🀣

  9. Just started following your blog and love it! But I must say you are one spoiled woman – what a guy you have! And yes please do write up a pattern – that is so “today” with the pom.

  10. That is a fun twist. It really draws the eye in. I’m sure the yarn store will know your husband by face very soon.

  11. I’d love to give it a try. It’s a beautiful hat!

  12. Hi! It’s firegirlpj from IG πŸ˜‰ I’m available for test knitting!

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