FO: The Big Cozy

I’m always hesitant to knit with super bulky and chunky weight yarns because I’ve always felt like they can add bulk to your frame. And since I’ve got curves and am not the tiniest or the tallest I prefer my knits to show off my shape and not add to it. But I bought this Bernat Wool-up Bulky a while ago and only made a Hunger Games style cowl for my friend Salina and it was just taking up space in my yarn drawers. So I found the Superbulky Grandpa pattern and thought I’d give it a try and if I didn’t like the end result I’d just give it away.
The big cozy
I like the end result. LOL I worked this up in just a couple of days on size 17 needles. I liked the construction of this one a lot, a provisional cast-on creates the majority of the collar and you eventually taper it down. It was clever and kept my engaged. I did start my button holes earlier on the pattern so it wouldn’t be so low and as always I had to make my sleeves shorter (otherwise they’d be dragging on the ground).
The big cozy
And whenever I stop to take pics I typically have at least one dog pulling on my legs so I put Jellybean in a chunky knit sweater I picked up at HomeGoods a few weeks ago for a few dollars. It was too cute to not buy at under $10.
The big cozy
I’m also always asked about how Jellybean poses and this is what she does all on her own. It cracks me up, she wants to be picked up and as soon as you pick her up she just freezes into position. I always wonder if she’s comfortable but if I put her down she whines to get picked up again, so I’ll go with it. And I was actually cast-on one more sweater this week…I’ll let you guys know how that progress goes. I’ve still got 12 days left in December and that’s totally enough time for me to finish something.

15 Replies to “FO: The Big Cozy”

    1. Isn’t that little sweater the cutest? It was something like $8 so I couldn’t resist picking it up.

  1. Fabulous work – this chunky-knit green Grandpa sweater looks so warm and cozy! Incredible to read that it knit up in only a few days. Jellybean’s cable coat is so cute! Bravo!

  2. I love this lime green on you and I love your new cardigan. It looks so cozy. I would kick around in something like that.

  3. I love this. Also, at least with men, it is totally flattering to layer stuff. For example, I don’t tuck in my button-down shirts under my sweaters, I just leave them to hang below the lower hem of the sweater. It adds interest and helps balance out the overall look of my body, which looks “leggy” usually but I can fix with this type of arrangement. As I get older, I get more “leggy” and it’s complicated. At some point I’ll start getting shorter, right? My point is that the weight of the yarn has little to do with how a sweater will look on you. It’s about how you wear it. It’s very clear to me that you do the same as I, planning the living daylights out of a possible sweater before knitting it. I do the same types of thinking before casting on.

    1. Yeah I want to know that it’ll work in my wardrobe/life and if it’s too fussy or too much I just won’t wear it. But this, I kind of love.

      1. It looks fantastic on you, and the color is also very flattering. Call me weird, but the glasses also add to the ‘fit in a subtle and interesting way. I think it’s time to explore the worsted and aran patterns and see what you can find. And in adventurous colors. This color really lights up your face and complements your accessories. You so totally planned this to look good!

      2. I’m all about worsted and aran…it’s the bulky and super bulky they make me pause. But now I know I’ve got to be open to trying new things ☺️

      3. Some of the aran weights are actually similar to bulky!

  4. Love this! I am a chunky/bulky yarn fan and I think this is a great pattern for those yarns. Looks cute on you!

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