It Feels Good to Be Home

I had spring break from teaching and decided I also needed to take the week off from my day job. Working two jobs can be a bit stressful and I try my best to leave work at work when I leave the end of the day but this time I really did tune out and shut off my email. We went to Chicago from Saturday – Wednesday.
My tiny cousin I make all the sweaters for…she lives in Chicago. I spoil her rotten, treat her like she’s my child because she is one of my absolute favorite people, so we decided it was time to trek back to Chicago to visit her. What makes these trips even better is that our friends in Louisville drive up to join us too! My girlfriend, Salina and I have the same birthday and she’s just as crafty and creative if not more than I am. I always love hanging out with her. We attempt to out craft each other and bring handmade gifts. If you think I’m a good knitter you should see her sewing skills. So this time I brought her the Katniss inspired cowl I knit up a couple of days before.
Katniss cowlKatniss cowl
How cute is she? This is the District 12 cowl and it was knit with super bulky yarn and I did it in 2 days. You knit up 2 pieces, sew them together and then pick up stitches for the cowl neck. I love how this turned out, absolutely love it and can see making more of them in the future. It’s just so unusual and unique!
Bath bombs
Among the many gifts that Salina gave me (Hello, awesome reversible apron), she brought her supply kit and taught my cousin and me how to make bath bombs! Those fizzy, bubbly, wonderful smelling bombs you put in the tub…yeah we made a ton of them in my cousin’s kitchen and they smell ah-mazing! At the core, it’s a mix of citric acid and baking soda to make them fizz but we added clay, cocoa butter, goat milk, essential oils – the combinations are endless. I’m now inspire to make more and to make myself some lotion bars as well. I just need a few supplies and a mold.
The other awesome thing we did was go to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Lego Brick by Brick Exhibit. Between my cousin’s love of Legos, my husband being a structural engineer and all of us being a bit on the nerdy side, we geeked out a bit.
He made Cinderella’s castle out of legos…even the trees! It was such a cool and interactive exhibit, we had such a great time and they had another room with a tornado in it!
It was still cold in Chicago so I was able to pack all my hand knit sweaters. YAY! I loved having a last chance to wear them all, it just made me happy. We ate lots of good food, laughed a lot and I was happy to be with family and friends.

So what have you been up to while I was away?

10 Replies to “It Feels Good to Be Home”

  1. Would love to make bath bombs! And it’s great that you have such a close friend who is crafty as well. My feeling is that crafty people are the best to give handmade gifts to. They understand what’s involved. Glad you had a good time!

    1. Making bath bombs is so simple! There are all kinds of recipes online, it’s just a matter of supplies. And crafty friends are the best friends because they get the work you put into it and appreciate it!

  2. You came to my hometown! I hope you got to go to our amazing restaurants and neighborhoods!

    1. So much good food! Since my cousin moved there I’ve been a couple times now. I really do love Chicago…just not the cold.

  3. Sounds like you had a well-deserved break filled with the very best experiences and people. πŸ™‚

    1. It was a great break. I’m glad I disconnected for a bit and just enjoyed myself.

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