Choosing Joy

I’ve had one of those weeks where a perfect storm of things left me feeling like I had a rain cloud over my head all week. Part of it was that my husband was out of the country for work and that always seems to throw me off a bit. And the other part was just life stuff: work craziness, being tired and feeling a little overwhelmed. I hate feeling overwhelmed. I like to be in control.
This morning I was going to drive to work and I decided I was too tired and over it. I just wanted to sit and knit. So I took the Metro to work. I got to sit and work on a new project for 30 uninterrupted minutes and I started to feel that acidity I’d been holding on to all week melt away (added bonus, my husband got back last night so I slept like a log for the first time in a week). A young man even told me I had a great butt – not in those exact terms LOL (I was wearing new jeans) but it was still a compliment. Of course on my walk to my office from the train station a bird pooped on my head but you know what? It could’ve been worse AND it is considered good luck. Perhaps my tide is turning.

I realized in that moment when I shrugged off being pooped on I was deciding to choose joy today. It isn’t always the easiest thing to do but sometimes you just have to or the acidity will swallow you whole. So happy Friday to you. I hope you have a joy filled weekend.

19 Replies to “Choosing Joy”

  1. wow!!! What a great post, sooo true! I hope your weekend is filled with that same joy!

  2. You are a gem! My day hasn’t started much better, but seeing that gorgeous yarn and exploring the pattern has my brain humming in all new positive directions. Enjoy the weekend welcoming back your guy!

    1. Isn’t that yarn so fun? And unfortunately it’s discontinued in that color. I feel like that always happens with yarns I like.

  3. LOL on the backside compliment. Yay for appreciation of junk in the trunk. I’m glad you’re feeling better. We feel off too when E has to travel for work. He’s putting of his NM trip as he’s dealing with a light flu.

    1. There’s more travel for him in the coming weeks, I don’t mind him traveling but man it throws me off.

      1. E is not traveling as far for this new company which we like and it’ll be better on his system. He used to travel to Palm Bay, FL which he wasn’t fond of. The first time he went, I was stuck dealing with lice all by myself and it was the first time the girls got it. It was awful.

      2. Oh gosh, that sounds so unfun. I feel like every time Kenny travels a dog gets sick. Luckily no one was sick this time. Last time I was the one who got bit by a tick! LOL I tell him he just throws me off balance when he’s not there to tag team.

  4. For several years I took light rail to work 2-3days a week. It was wonderful knitting time! That yarn you’re working with looks beautiful. Can’t wait to see what it becomes.

    So glad your joy is back! Must have been the Bluebird of Happiness, lol.

  5. Thanks for sharing this post. Being joyful is often a choice and I like how you’ve highlighted that, bird poop and all!

  6. Good for you!! And thank you for the reminder. Why is it so hard sometimes to remember that we have a choice?

  7. It’s so easy to forget that we have a choice but you’re absolutely right and I’m glad you chose joy!

    Let me know how that yarn works for you. I’ve been reading the reviews and have already found knots in mine. The reviews weren’t great but man I love the colors!

    1. So this is the third time I’ve used this yarn and I’ve never had knots! I just did a Bar Harbor for my mom in it the other month. It’s not my favorite in feel but the colors are just amazing so I can resist. Take the good with the bad.

      1. Agreed! In a few of the skeins I’ve found knots and that was the number one complaint on Ravelry. But the rose gold color is so awesome I’m still going to use it.

  8. What program is that for your pattern that has highlighter tape in it? What other supplies do you use?

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