Stitching Status: Almost Finished

I’m still plugging away at my Pink Professor sweater.
Last night I got down to working on the cuff of the first sleeve and I’ve finished the collar. I had to do a little steam blocking to help relax the body and the collar after I took this pic to make sure I didn’t need to rip it all out and redo it but it seems to be fine.
I love picking up stitches but always feel like it’s too tight and with this sweater I made sure to slip the last stitch at the beginning of each row to have clean edges to pick up. Once I steam blocked it a bit it seemed to fall better into place but I do think once I’m finished it will definitely need a good soak to relax it a bit. My shawl collars are never as big and cozy as I have them envisioned in my mind but overall I’m really loving how this sweater is turning out. This yarn is just really, really pretty. I’m hoping I’ll be blocking it on Saturday! And in non-knitting news…

Excuse my dirty mirror selfie LOL

I got Jellybean a little carrier. We own a big backpack style carrier call the Muttmover that I bought a few years ago when Kendell ran the Brooklyn Half Marathon. I needed a way to keep Cher with me as I went all over Brooklyn cheering him on but I also needed her to be safe and not get stepped on. I’ve recommended that backpack for lots of people and everyone who buys it says it’s worth the money. But for Jellybean I needed something a bit smaller because we’re thinking of going to Chicago and New York next month and she’s even smaller and I need to keep her from getting stepped on in the big city too. Plus I’ve found when there are lots of people around she gets scared and will immediately turn around and ask to be picked up. So I figured I should be proactive and get a carrier for her. I went with this $15 find on Amazon. Of course she loves it. Snuggled down in it and got cozy as soon as I popped her in it. Of the two dogs she’s the most easy going as long as you’re holding her close. Perhaps in a past life she was a baby kangaroo?

So my weekend will definitely involve some knitting, what’s on your needles?

5 Replies to “Stitching Status: Almost Finished”

  1. that sweater is just beautiful!!! so much color but not busy or too bright.. I love it.. and good idea about the carrier, I would think little dogs would be easy to step on in busy streets….

    1. I think a lot of people think it’s frivolous to buy a dog carrier but it’s more about their safety. I almost step on Jellybean on a daily basis and I know she’s there, so I know innocent bystanders aren’t really looking down for something so tiny. Gotta keep my girl safe!

  2. OMG!!! That sweater is coming along ssssooooo well! The yarn is absolutely GOR-GEOUS!!!!

  3. You are progressing so well on this cardigan. What a fast knitter you are. That’s a fun carrier. She’ll definitely be safe in that and have fun peeking out.

  4. I love this yarn, it’s like sunset by the sea… beautiful colours. And beautiful cardi!
    I’m also looking for pet carriers these days, I need something lighter and more portable than our sturdy large cat carrier as one of my cats is very eager to go out. She already mastered walking with harness and leash (and let me tell you, it was not an easy training) so it’s time to explore the world with her 🙂 I’ve been looking at backpacks too… seems like such a cool idea to make carrying her around easier and keep her safe. And Jellybean looks super cute in her bag!

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