February’s FO’s

Happy March! It feels like we’re ushered in full on spring in DC/Maryland. So of course now I’ve got shawls, wraps and cotton knits on the brain…perhaps there’s a new Togue Pond Tank in my future? But since it’s the first of the month I’m going to recap was I was able to finish in the month of February.
February Finished Objects

  • My Textured Sleeve Test Knit: No post on this one yet and the pattern should be released soon but I’ll give some details once that happens.
  • My Four Colored Fable: This has been my go-to knit with this weird weather. It’s a nice layer to throw on over something when it’s a big cool out but it’s not an insanely hot wool sweater since it’s a wool/acrylic blend.
  • A Chevron Blanket: Well, the recipient was born 2 days before schedule yesterday! Little Evy now has a new blanket to bring her home from the hospital this week. I’m super excited and can’t wait for her Mom to send me pics in her blanket.
  • A Baby Sweater & Socks: And tomorrow little Greyson will be born! And he’s got an awesome sweater and pair of socks waiting for him.

I’d say my month was productive. In between all this knitting I’ve still been plugging away at my Find Your Fade Shawl. I just joined color 4 of 7 last night and I love seeing how it blends together. I just love color so much. Oh and speaking of color, I added Colors to the category list. So you can search my projects based on color/color palette.

So what did you get to finish last month? Share! Drop a Ravelry Project Link in your comments too (or blog post).

13 Replies to “February’s FO’s”

  1. Oh, my goodness! The pic of you in the textured sleeve sweater is the cutest. I think you win best smile on the internet. 🙂

    1. Why thank you. I am typically laughing at the dogs or my husband when I’m trying to take pics. Last night it was Jellybean making me laugh.

  2. I agree with Knit Potion… and have to say that the test knit should be a featured project on Ravelry. That is one gorgeous sweater! Nothing finished for me this month. I’ve been working on a Purl Soho cardigan coat for my mom, but got slowed down by a bunch of new PT work on my recuperating broken arm. A sleeve and a half to do, and then I can find the perfect buttons.

    1. Picking buttons is my favorite part of the process. So many options, I always ending buying at least 2 sets.

  3. Weren’t you just starting that textured sweater? It looks great on you. I managed to finish my LaLa’s Simple Shawl in Miss Babs’ Yowza, and of course, I started two or three projects – hah!

    1. This was an 11 day knit for me. The cabling on the sleeves slowed me down a bit but it’s not going to be a sweater for me. It’s off to my sister today!

  4. Do you knit in your sleep? You have to be THE most prolific knitter. Love the purple!

    1. HAHAHA no I sleep peacefully. I am a fast knitter but I typically only knit in worsted weight or dk but on larger needles. I also have dogs that wake me up early for walks and when they go back to sleep on the couch I knit and sip a latte until my husband gets up. Also since I don’t have kids I don’t have other obligations with my time. Lots of knitting free time in my schedule 😉

  5. Beautiful projects and cheerful, positive photos, as always!
    And thanks to you I checked the Togue Pond Top on Ravelry and ended up adding about half of the designer’s patterns to my favourites and queue (Togue Pond Top included, it’s fantastic)!

    1. I LOOOOOVE Togue Pond tank. I knit 3 one year (2 for me and 1 for my bestie). It’s such a good pattern and such a simple and quick knit. I’m already trying to pick what color I’ll make this year!

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