Stitching Status: Holiday Plans

I realized yesterday that I have exactly 2 months until Christmas. What?! When did this happen? So I cleared out my Ravelry queue and set-up what I want to knit for my family for the holidays. Anything else that happens in the next 8 weeks is just filler. Here’s what’s on my agenda:

Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda via Ravelry
Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda via Ravelry

For my Mom I want to make the Libellula by Cristina Ghirlanda in a bright green with a gorgeous deep blue as the contrasting color. When I initially bought the yarn I’m going to use I thought it would be for me but it kept screaming my Mom’s name to me and the pattern calls for Miss Babs and that’s what I have so that’ll make it even easier to get the same results. I think she’ll love it.

Gentle Wake by Cecily Glowik MacDonald via Ravelry

For my sister Anne I want to make Gentle Wake by Cecily Glowik MacDonald with the silver threaded yarn I picked up at Sheep & Wool. Plus I’m thinking of adding a little pop of color to the bottom of it because why keep it all gray?

Brooklin Vest by Elizabeth Smith via Ravelry

For my sister Helen I want to make the Brooklin Vest by Elizabeth Smith. As soon as I saw this pattern I knew I wanted to make this for her and I have the most perfect shade of blue yarn (her favorite color) too. This is a bulky knit so I might get to knock this one out pretty quickly.

Brownstone by Jared Flood via Ravelry

And the last knit, but what might actually be the first project to start is Brownstone by Jared Flood. My husband actually asked me if I could knit a sweater like this for him and of course I can. He also requested navy blue. He’s so particular about what he wants me to knit for him but I love it. I give him what he asks for so that he’ll love it and wear it.

Of course, I cast on something new last night for myself after finishing off another sweater but I’m hoping to finish it by Monday so I can get started on my holidays knits. Oh and what I didn’t include was that I want to knit Jelly a sweater and probably a new one for Cher too since she’s lost some weight! Oh and I’ve got a couple of hats…I’ve got a lot on my list but I think I can get the majority of what I want done. I just have to manage my time and always keep my knitting with me.

Anybody else in the holiday mode too?

11 Replies to “Stitching Status: Holiday Plans”

  1. You’re sooo funny! You’ll have to rent out someone else’s fingers to get all THOSE and Flaum done by Christmas 😉

    1. The above commentor apparently doesn’t know you very well—I predict you’ll have them all done by Thanksgiving! You are so inspiring—I added the first two to my queue—-especially love the first one, and the man’s sweater was already in my sights, thanks to Renee.

      1. HAHAHA she actually works with me and talks me through all my projects. She likes to tease me.

  2. Wow, these are going to be amazing presents! It’s quite a list to get done before christmas too…

  3. i begin every year with the intent on giving knitted presents for Christmas but it never happens. I am going to start next month. Fingers crossed I can make my mom her first knitted garment for Christmas. Thinking of making her Flax

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