The Quarter Stitch & Other Fun

Two things I wanted to share from my vacation. First, the awesome project bag my girlfriend sewed for me and second is the yarn shop I visited in New Orleans.
When Salina saw my Field Bag in the spring she told me that she could sew up the same thing for me but with any modifications I wanted and in patterns. I like my Field Bag and use it a lot but don’t love the side handle or the drawstring. So I asked her for handles and a snap closure instead. It has interior pockets too and it’s a a great size to tote my projects around in. It’s really good to have crafty friends, am I right? She said she had another version she was working on before she left but just ran out of time and I can’t wait to see what she came up with. I love having options because I’m not a monogamous knitter but I feel like this will be the bag I use the most for my knitting on the go.
And while we were in New Orleans I wanted to go back to a yarn shop I visited for the first time 4 years ago. I was still fairly new to knitting when I visited the Quarter Stitch in the French Quarter. It was down the street at the time from the hotel we were staying in and my husband had just shown me a cable knit scarf he’d like for Christmas. So when he and my Dad left to explore the city I ran down the street to check out the yarn shop and see if I could find good yarn for a scarf and I did. It’s a small and cozy little shop and the staffers are always super friendly (I ended up friending one on Ravelry after we shared our love of rainbows) and this time I walked out with 2 awesome skeins.
For the next hat I intend on knitting myself I picked up a skein of Malabrigo worsted in Apple Green because I want a vividly bright hat to keep me warm. And I was sucked into this awesome tie dye looking yarn, Manos Alegria in Candombe.
I know I’m not a sock knitter but I picked up this awesome sneakers with cutouts and all I could think is that I needed awesome socks to wear with them in the fall. That’s it for my NOLA bits. This weekend I’ve got tickets with the family to see the National Museum of African American History and Culture. I’m super excited. What do you have on tap for the weekend?

11 Replies to “The Quarter Stitch & Other Fun”

  1. the new bag is awesome! I love the colors! Love the sneaks! 😉

  2. I covet thee kicks! They are so awesome. And I love, love both of those yarn companies. The Manos colorway rocks.

    1. Manos has been a favorite of mine from he beginning. They always have such fun colors.

  3. Alegria is a beautiful yarn to work with! Love the bag. I have to upgrade my project transport system..currently using large ziploc bags lol.

    1. If you want an inexpensive option look up Baggu on Amazon. I use some of their large zippered sacks!

  4. I LOVE it all…the bag, the yarn, the sneakers, and the museum plans! I plan on having a cozy Sunday on the couch with some yarn and football 😀

    1. I’m so excited about the museum! I even met Jesse Jackson Friday when I was walking out of my office to get lunch and my mom saw Oprah!

      1. So lucky! I wish I lived on the east coast so I could go right now. A vacation for me will have to be planned soon

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