April’s FO’s Roundup

Ahhhh April has come and gone. I cannot believe that it’s May! School is out (and I’m taking a break from the fall semester), my wedding anniversary is close and so is summer! WOOHOO! That also means I’m switching over to summer knitting, so more cotton and I’m looking to work on a more complex sweater for the fall.
April 2016 FO Roundup
Here’s what I finished in April:

  • A two color brioche stitch blanket for my soon-to-be goddaughter Paige. This pattern on size 15 needles with super bulky yarn might be my new go-to baby blanket.
  • The Caldwell cape, my pride and joy. I still cannot believe I created this baby on my own or that the temps dipped low enough for me to get to wear it for the last few days!
  • A colorblocked brioche stitch blanket for our friends baby boy coming at the end of the month.

I told you guys I was going to slow down a bit. Knitting baby blankets takes a bit of time for me to really get motivated but I was super motivated to finish off my custom design. I’m currently halfway through my Teazel cardigan and I’ve still go to pick up my shawl I started too. Once I’ve gotten both of these off my needles I plan on working on a doll for Maddie. My husband will have to travel a little bit this month so I’ll have some quiet time to myself to do some large stretches of knitting. Hopefully I can also figure out what I plan to make with that Madelinetosh yarn and get started on something special for fall.

So what great things did you finish in April? Share!

2 Replies to “April’s FO’s Roundup”

  1. I absolutely ADORE the teal/wine color blocked brioche blanket!!! It is GOR-geous! 🙂 What a great job on the April FO’s, as always you’re a knitting DIVA! 😉

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