Getting Summer Ready

I cannot believe that it’s April and it is a chilly 57 degrees in DC. But I get to wear my cape, so I’m okay with it. And thanks to all the nice comments and likes on that post and on my Instagram. I really do appreciate the love and am super proud of what I was able to make.
I’ve got a baby shower tomorrow, so I’ve got another blanket to share next week and if I get a little time to myself I might actually finish my Teazel cardigan in April for my April round-up of finished objects. Whatever happens, I know I’ll be knitting this weekend. My office is freezing already so I know I need some nice summer knits to layer over my sleeveless tops. And since I didn’t really have any knitting related objects to share, here’s a picture of Cher getting ready for summer. My husband asked me what was the point of getting a dog a hat and I just gave him a blank stare. There is no point other than for my own entertainment.

Have a wonderful weekend!

6 Replies to “Getting Summer Ready”

  1. She’s clearly YOUR dog: a fashionista for sure!
    I love the Teazel cardigan, but wonder about what looks like extreme fullness in front and how that will drape when it’s worn by a real person who isn’t being set up for a fashion shoot. Can’t wait to see it here. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Hahaha! Too funny! I like the green hat, it looks like she’s getting ready for a run with your husband!

    1. I think she looks like she needs on a white dress and she could be a ball girl for a tennis match!

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