Stitching Status: TGIF

I figured out how to get my knitting mojo back – try a new stitch.
To make baby blankets go infinitely faster I’ve been using super bulky yarn. So I pulled out my size 15 needles and decided to try the Fluffy Brioche baby blanket from Purl Bee. I’ve seen a ton of brioche knitting and figured this would be a nice way to dip my toe into the waters of brioche. I also decided to alternate between a grey and white striped yarn and a nice warm red yarn. Since there’s really no purl except on an end stitch and lots of yarnovers I’m finding this to be soothing and super quick. HOORAY! Hopefully I will get in a few more rows over the weekend. It’s already working up to a really nice size. And who is this squishy brioche blanket for?
Sibling sweaters
The little girl who I made a sweater for last month. Her parents sent me pics over the weekend of the siblings in their sibling sweaters and it filled me with such joy. It was a nice reminder to me as to why I love knitting so much. All these yards of yarn I knit bring a lot of happiness and joy to my friends and family. That totally makes every stitch worth it.

Have a great weekend everyone!

5 Replies to “Stitching Status: TGIF”

  1. Those sweaters look even cuter on the kids they were made for! You’ve got me inspired to make a father/son set like this! I absolutely agree about the new stitch theory. Have you seen the “Sequential Knitting” piece on PurlSoho recently?

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