FO: Sibling Sweaters

Brother sister cardigans
Now that my girlfriends are starting to have their second babies, I’ve ventured into the brother/sister or coordinating sibling sweaters as gifts. I know, it’s a gift with a short lifespan since kids grow so fast but I like the fact that the older sibling’s cardigan can be worn by the younger sibling. Plus, all my girlfriends told me they saved the stuff I made their babies to pass down to a second baby if they ever had one. So it’s a win win, right?
Brother sister cardigans
My girlfriend Andrea was having a little girl and already had a two year old son and I wanted to play off the lady bug theme for her daughter’s room but not be too girly for her older son. So red and a pretty charcoal grey were my color palette. This time I knit up the Baby Sophisticate and the Child Sophisticate Sweaters using Lion Brand Heartland yarn. I really love how well it washes up and you can pop it in the dryer without worrying. I even added a little lady bug button the baby girl sweater.
Brother sister cardigans
For her older son I made the main body color the grey with red stripes and I know this color will still work for his little sister when she gets older too. I also told her I can always swap out the buttons.
Andrea's sprinkle
Three of us got together the other Saturday to throw our girlfriend a sprinkle (instead of a shower since this is baby number two) and this was the only photo I really got of her opening her sweater gift. She was so excited and she still loves that her son uses the blanket I made him when he was born. I’ll be working on a blanket for baby girl next but she was so excited I made something for both babies. And I’m glad we threw her the shower when we did, she went into labor the very next morning! She gave birth to a super adorable and healthy baby girl. I can’t wait to actually put that tiny little cardigan on her. So do you knit gifts for babies? What’s your favorite project to give?

13 Replies to “FO: Sibling Sweaters”

  1. Oh. My. Goodness. It’s almost too hard to take the cute! I absolutely love this precious little set. Lucky friend!!

  2. Brilliant idea… So cute, so chic, and so practical..

      1. When I knit for little ones, I always make the sleeve cuffs extra long and fold them double so they can be unfolded as the child grows. I don’t know if that could be done with this pattern, but it does help with a standard ribbed cuff.

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