FO: Tiny Sweater Season

Due to the fact that I have lots of girlfriends due with babies this year, I’ve entered into what I like to call Tiny Sweater Season. I work two jobs (I’m a social media/digital strategies and an adjunct professor) so my knitting time is limited and baby blankets take up a lot of time. As much as I would love to knit every baby a blanket before they’re born, it doesn’t always happen. So in lieu of giving nothing handmade (because I know at this point they all expect me to knit their babies something…) I always know I can whip up a newborn sweater over a weekend. My favorite pattern is Baby Sophisticate {free}, but I’ve purchased the Child Sophisticate pattern as well in order to get all the size ranges. It’s worth the cost and you can really modify this pattern a lot to whatever you like!
My latest sweater is for a friend’s second baby, an adorable little girl. What’s funny is, I knew the mom wasn’t into girly color palettes after her first daughter (I knit her a blanket with orange and purple as the color palette). I intended on knitting  the new baby girl a blanket but had issues with mismatched yarn and gauge so I decided to whip up a cardigan in this deep magenta and a soft orange. When we went to visit the baby, this was the color palette for the big sister’s room! LOL So I knew I hit a good color combo. I actually now know baby girl has a bright green room and I hope to whip up something fun over time in a bright green color palette for her but I don’t feel a ton of pressure to make a blanket right now when I’m working on a couple of other larger projects.
Indra's cardigan
Although I know they grow out of these cardigans pretty quickly, it’s still fun to make them and figure out new color combos and stripes and buttons…and now I can make sibling cardigans in contrasting colors and two sizes. So that when big sister outgrows her cardigan it can get passed on to the little sister. So expect to see more tiny cardigans this year, I’ve got a lot of adorable babies in my future.

7 Replies to “FO: Tiny Sweater Season”

  1. Sweet sweater; for some reason, I’ve had a hard time getting interested in knitting baby gifts. I made things for my son, when he was a child (and actually this year for Christmas, and he’s a full-grown adult), but when friends of mine say they’re having a baby, I’m not jazzed to knit something for them. Your friends are clearly luckier than mine!

    1. Well I’m not enthusiastic about baby blankets. But I do love when they send me pics of a sleepy toddler still clutching a blanket I made them. Tugs at the heart strings.

  2. I much prefer to make baby sweaters over blankets. The only time I do blankets is when it’s requested or when it’s a close family member. Close family gets sweater AND blanket!

  3. What a great idea, DWJ! A sweater to the older sibling that can be handed down! Wow! You think of everything 😉

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