Rainbows All Around Me

Rainbows all around
I’ve been busy at work but I’ve still managed to make some progress with my knitting. I think I’m knitting my last acrylic/wool/blend sweater for a bit since spring has sprung very suddenly! Don’t worry, I’ve got some lighter pieces like that vest I want to make my mom and myself and I have some cotton yarn for a summer top that I haven’t figured out exactly what it should be but I think my sweater knitting will slow down for a bit. Besides, completing 7 sweaters in 3 months isn’t too shabby. My Lila Top Down is essentially going to be my early morning sweatshirt for taking Cher on walks and throwing on as another layer when it’s still chilly in the morning. I’m excited to see it almost finished! So instead of sharing what I’ve been knitting or FO’s, I thought I’d share something that always makes me happy – rainbows!
Rainbows all around
There is a Converse x Woolrich collaboration and these Chuck Taylor All Stars have been added to my collection. If I had known about this version I probably would’ve bought them but I’m pretty happy with my purchase. I bought (and still have and in pretty good shape) my first pair of All Stars when I was 15 on a cross country family road trip – that was 22 years ago! They are of course a sentimental favorite but they sparked a love for a sneaker that I have in so many patterns and colors.
Rainbows all around
When I saw these were a rainbow color palette AND wool I knew they would pair perfectly with my Rainbow Madigan. This is my favorite sweater and I love wearing it in early spring since it has short sleeves. I’ve got a fun collar to keep the chill away and it’s still warm but not so overwhelmingly hot. Also, this Sweet Georgia Superwash Worsted yarn is AH-MAZING. This is the second time I’ve put this sweater in the washing machine on a delicate cycle and it washes up beautifully. No pilling, this stuff is a dream and worth every penny.
Rainbows all around
And of course whenever I take a picture my favorite furry BFF has to be involved. I can’t not include my Cher!

4 Replies to “Rainbows All Around Me”

  1. What a great threesome – you, Madigan, and wool-rainbow Chucks! 🙂

    1. They are starting to make them with more support and cushion but I’ve always loved them.

  2. I’ve always loved Converse sneakers too and I think I need to go shopping! You look wonderful! Bright, happy, cheerful … just like your personality. ❤

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