All the Cute Things

I’ve got bronchitis. I’ve been exhausted lately and doing a lot. BUT I am still happy. I’ve got way more to be happy about so I thought today I should share a few of the things that have made me smile lately.
Maddie in her dress turned sweater
This is Maddie. You might remember her from the post about the sweater I made for her a few weeks ago. Well her mom sent me this pic of her the other day to show me how a dress I made for her when she was a newborn has now transitioned into a cute top! It’s the Autumn Frock and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it has held up.
Maddie in her dress
I mean it was adorable before, it’s (and Maddie) even more adorable now. How can I not be happy when I see this cutie pie in something I made just for her?!
A dog tag to match the dog. So cute! From @pixie.empire #cherstagrams #yesmydogisspoiled #noidontcarewhatyouthink
Cher’s custom dog tag from Pix Squeaks is just the cutest. I know my dog is spoiled but after she spent 3 years of her life in a shelter I think she deserve to be a little spoiled.
Rainbow Madigan
And yesterday I wore my Rainbow Madigan to work because I needed something to help make me feel better and I got stopped a lot in my office and asked about the sweater. Most folks at work know that I knit but I was tickled when a woman complimented me as I was going to get a cup of tea at Peet’s Coffee. When I told her I made it she was shocked and was so complimentary. It completely caught me off guard but definitely gave me a good boost of knitting confidence. I swear sometimes I worry it will all just unravel! LOL

I’m going to be on bedrest until I stop hacking and feel better. It will definitely give me some time to knit in between naps and not feel guilty about not doing something else. Knitting is my medicine. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

2 Replies to “All the Cute Things”

  1. Yayyy!!! It’s so much fun to see handknits in action! 🙂

  2. Get well soon!
    Just don’t knit if you’re feeling feverish or headachy! Take the time to kick this bronchitis right!

    And that Maddie is the sweetest little thing!

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