Progress All Around

My husband is back from his abroad travels. WOOHOO! Of course he came back sick and completely exhausted but I’m so happy to see that face every day. I’ll take him cranky and coughing – anyway I can get him. He’s been very impressed with the kitchen progress and all we are waiting for now are the counters!
The company came yesterday and spent 2 hours with lasers and tools measuring for the counters and hopefully a week from Friday I SHOULD be able to get counters installed and then the last step is having all the plumbing hooked back up. I’ll get my kitchen back!! I just miss making my own food so much. But this redesign will be worth it and I’ll share the full before and after when it’s all complete.
I’ve got my sweater class again on Thursday this week and they just wanted us to get up to the underarm shaping for class. I got to that point on Saturday and decided on Sunday to cast on a sweater for a friend’s little girl. I’m never not knitting.
I decided to try the TinCan Knits Old Growth pattern because I was considering knitting one for myself and it’s always easier to do a kids size for a test run. I made the 1-2 year old size and it’s a bottom up knit where you attach the sleeves as you’re about to start the yoke. Not my favorite technique at all and this was my first time attempting it. I don’t know if I’ll be making this in my size. Also when I knit the second sleeve I was distracted (damn you, Jane the Virgin) and I knit it using the smaller size needles the entire time – never switched. So one sleeve appears to be slightly slimmer. I highly doubt an 18 month old will notice…I hope. LOL I used a favorite rainbow yarn, Vanna’s Choice in Patchwork Gray, because it’s machine washable and dryer safe and it works up to a nice weight. All I’m waiting for now are the rainbow buttons I found on Etsy to help compliment the yarn. I’ll do a full FO post on it once it has dried and I can get some better photos.

So that’s what’s been on my plate lately. What’s new with you?

3 Replies to “Progress All Around”

  1. Wow! That yarn works up great!!! It looks really good even with the little ‘boo-boo’ that you made on the sleeve. 🙂 Way to go D, and the kitchen is really coming together!

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